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11 sex commandment men and women should know

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Well, apart from rape and any other form of non-consensual sexual relations, intimate body-to-body moment is guarded by some rules – largely unspoken but existent.
There are rules (commandments if you like) that we are expected to follow in dealing with sexual partners.

Where you fail to obey, you will be punished directly or indirectly.
Prophet Wha’anda brings you 11 of these:
  1. Don’t expect the first time to be the best time. Both of you are worried about how you look so the anxiety may not make the experience perfect

  2. Don't skip foreplay. Even in outdoor quick sex, some making out should precede insertion.

  3. Don’t ignore the condom. Condoms are not 100% effective but they can give up to 98% if used correctly.

  4. Don’t ignore the urge to urinate after sex. Urinating after sex can help prevent urinary tract infections. So do it.

  5. Never go oral if you notice cuts on the genitals. No need to explain this...it is not healthy.

  6. Don't make uncomplimentary comment about his/her body. Well, you can if you want to be jilted or hated forever.

  7. Don't forget to forget to ask. If you don’t ask, chances are you'll never get. So tell him/her what you want in bed.

  8. Don't expect to cuddle after sex every time. Sometimes, you need some little space after the romp...sometimes you don’t.

  9. Don't forget to give as you take. A selfish lover will soon be a lonely lover. So exchange favors in bed.

  10. Don't underestimate early morning sex. Sex in the morning is awesome, the best cure for any kind of hangover.

  11. Don’t follow any rules. Funny as it may be, sex doesn’t actually have any rules. If you must enjoy it, just let go of your rules.
All these rules are important – thou shalt keep them all thy days on earth!

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