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The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Zone B is the apex umbrella body of all Nigerian Students in South South and South East regional block of Nigeria, with the inalienable mandate to defend the aims and aspiration of the zone and Nigerians in general.

 The National Association of Nigerian students (NANS) Zone B, having painstakingly watched in utter dismay the growing intensity of fuel scarcity in the country, has resolved to cautioning the Federal Government to address the looming phenomenon of fuel scarcity in the country or face her scorching reaction. The apex students' organization is not currently happy with the ugly development vis-a-vis the unavailability of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and the incessant hike in price that has plagued it purchase for a period of time now." To this effect, we call on the immediate resignation of President Muhamadu Buhari as the nation's Petroleum Minister. It is explicitly obvious that the petroleum sector under the watch of President Muhamadu Buhari as Minister, has experienced an adverse decline in several respects - fluctuating hike in price of the product and its present scarcity nationwide.

The President as the Minister of Petroleum has brought no positive change in the sector since his subtle emergence in the position. And as such, it is only honorable for him to abdicate the position and hand it over to an experienced and a capable hand. The enormity of President's administrative tasks and his weak knowledge of the downstream sector of the petroleum industry are some of the reasons to justify our noble call for his exigent resignation from the office as it is a rare occurrence in other country of the world.

In this same vain, it is also expedient for the Minister of State Petroleum and the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Mr. Ibe Kachikwu to abdicate one of the two offices in order for him to concentrate effectively in just one. It is unacceptable to us, as the apex student body for Mr. Kachikwu to occupy both offices as minister of State Petroleum and the Group Managing Director of the NNPC, knowing fully well that both offices are highly demanding. Ostensibly, this is one of the reasons why the country is passing through excruciating pains and inordinate anguish in search of PMS.

The responsibilities Mr. Kachikwu is presently saddling ought to be for two capable hands, not one. To this end, we are calling for the separation of these portfolios as they have always been before the emergence of the present administration. Mr. Kachikwu should either serve as the Minister of State Petroleum or the Group Managing Director of NNPC or better still made the substantive Minister of Petroleum and not both at the same time. If for any reason, he thinks the enmeshing responsibility in any of these positions is beyond his capability, he should honourably resign and let other capable hands take over his position.

The Nigerian masses, most especially the students would not fold hands and watch , while political aberrations are been held as democratic norms on daily basis since the emergence of the present administration. Sequel to this prequel, we wish to know the quantity of fuel that is produced from our local refineries on daily basis and what has happened to the celebrated increase of petroleum products gotten from our local refineries a few months ago as it was alleged. Our vehement concern on this ugly development is sprouted on the fact that the vast majority of Nigerian students have been faced with inimical challenges and worrisome setbacks, innately owing to resultant hike in transport fare, on our different campuses and that which is obtainable outside campuses when coming and going back to school from their respective destinations.

 However, Transport fares has doubled and in some cases tripled, resulting in increment of goods and services nationwide. This no doubt has made life difficult for the citizenry and we therefore call on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as he has failed to deliver the much tauted change after over 10 Months of being at the helm of affair in the country.

Section 14 subsection 2 paragraph (b) of the 1999 Constitution as amended, States that "the security and WELFARE of the people shall be the primary purpose of government. The welfare of Nigerians has gone with the winds, this present administration is not concerned with the welfare of Nigerians and Nigerian Students cannot take it any longer. The Nigerian people are tired of Mr. President, constantly laying the blame of his inability to cause the needed change on the doorstep of the opposition 16 years rule, even when he was actually part of the nation's problem haven ruled the country as a military dictator, is unacceptable. We refuse to accept that innocent Nigerian students and masses who know nothing about this ugly development would be the ones at the receiving end of the inexperience of this present administration. Our students cannot be suffering for the gross ineptitude of the nation's rapacious political class whereas their own children are waxing in luxury in their respective schools abroad without sharing from the grave consequences of their parents' misdeeds. On this note, we are giving the Federal Government, forty-eight hours to implement the aforementioned changes in anticipation of a lasting solution to our present ordeal as the students would not hesitate to hit the street and occupy the nation if Government treats our call with levity. The government should be ready to face the wrath of our grievances if this abysmally posed situation is not curtailed. We therefore call on all sister union to swing into action with NANS in the agitation for a positive turn around of this precarious situation that has engulfed the fabrics of the nation and her economic outlook. NANS is prepared to work with all Civil society groups and men of good conscience devoid of political sentiment to this effect in a colossal agitation for the stabilization of the PMS price and its availability nation wide. The present situation of the country is at best inimical, and at worst perilous and devastating, of which would culminate to further problems for the nation if cautions and practical steps are not taken within the stipulated time frame. “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” - Thomas Paine We are the patriots and as such we are more than committed to protect Nigerians from the inexperience of this government as they continue to plunge us more into economic woes. Viva!!! Signed: Pedro Obi, Coordinator, NANS Zone B. 06/04/2016.

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