If one must die,his death should be worthwhile".- Umar Faruk Musa - AMEBOTV BLOGS



If one must die,his death should be worthwhile".- Umar Faruk Musa

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The National Association of Nigerian students through some of her Institutions in Kano lost six of its students assigned to represent the Kano State on a National Capacity.
 The ugly incident was evidently reported to have occurred along the most controversial Federal Highway the Country has. Lagos-Ibadan Expressway has been awarded and still under awarding for the past years. Yet,no reasonable construction worthy of saving lives has been done. The road lacks effective communication(economic cost of construction,vehicular operation and maintenance cost are all in the backwards). This has continued to claim lives and on the most recent,Nigerian students sent to commercialised public institutions by parents who live below $1 per day are being killed by our deadly unmotorable roads when assigned to tasks of representing this school.

A government whose negligence has spelt disaster for it's citizens is not worthy of the title. Our silence is no more golden. Our patience tank is exhausted and we would bounce back if that's what the situation warrants. Basic amenities are no longer basic. Roads are now pit of death,dungeons of havoc yet the Federal government on daily continuously justify why our pains are legitimate.

Our stands and resolutions are simple.

- Speedy completion/rehabilitation of Lagos-Ibadan expressway and all other dreadful roads across the Nation.

- Both Federal Government and most especially Kano State Government should Compensate  the parents of the deceased.

- Kano State should provide institutions within the state a good vehicle

- Kano State Government should provide institutions within the state a good vehicle

-Kano State Government should invest in Conveniences for students or delegates representing the state in any competition or events

- Free medical services for those who barely made it alive and undergoing treatments.

Failure to comply denotes the Government readiness to curtail our annoyance when we finally explode.

God Bless Nigerian Students
Comr. Umar Faruk Musa
NANS Zone 'A' Treasurer

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