Exclusive; Otunba Gani Adams laud Yoruba Leaders and South West Governors to support DAWN Commission. - AMEBOTV BLOGS



Exclusive; Otunba Gani Adams laud Yoruba Leaders and South West Governors to support DAWN Commission.

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The National Cordinator of Oodua People’s Congress, Otunba Gani Adams has appealed to leaders of South West including the Governors, corporate bodies and individuals to give adequate support to programs and policies of the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN Commission) 
DAWN which was established in 2013 is the coordinating institution pursuing Southwest Nigeria regional integration agenda.

Adams who was at the head office of the commission situated at Cocoa House in Ibadan on Thursday  called on the South West Governors to render all the necessary financial assistance to the commission for smooth and effective operation.
He commended the Director General of the commission, Dr. Dipo Famakinwa and all the management team for their intellectual inputs and support during the 2014 National Confab.
He assured the commission that Oodua People's Congress and Olokun Festival Foundation under his leadership will support the commission with everything in their disposal to achieve their goals.

Dr. Famakinwa, while welcoming Otunba Gani Adams and his entourage gave explains that  the  commission was set was up to  coordinate South West agenda so as to pursue the regional integration as well as  creating an appropriate organizational framework for regional development squarely on the front burner.
He commended the determinations and efforts of Otunba Gani Adams and the Oodua People's Congress in making sure the Yorubas are liberated for its presence condition as well as promotion of Yoruba cultural heritage and values and also the formation of Oodua Progressive Union (OPU) for the Yorubas in diaspora which is highly commendable.

While urging the OPC leader not to desist from championing the cause of Yoruba race as he has been doing even during the military era. Dr Famakinwa also  promised the commission is ready partner  with the organization  to achieve their laid down aims and objectives 

He also disclosed  that the major focus of the commission is to harness Western Nigeria Unlocking opportunities and fulfilling potential, that is to pursue economic diversification, create wealth, how to generate revenue, as well as achieve economic transformation and social stability.

He pointed it out that restructuring is the only solution to the present problems facing Nigeria.

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