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Sonubi Still Remains A Soul Winner, A man Worthy of Emulation

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Rehabilitates hundreds of ex-prisoners and drug addicts in America

Pastor Joshua Shonubi is a well-known American pastor of New Life Chapel International in Bowie, Maryland, USA.,A philanthropist who runs charity to rehabilitate ex-prisoners and drug addicts in America.

Recently, one unknown blogger published a malicious and unsubstantiated story about this great man of God more than 2 years ago which turned out to be a cheap blackmail and total falsehood to tarnish the image of this gentleman whose preachings have positively touched many people within and outside United States of America.
In the story, it was alleged that Pastor Joshua Shonubi acted as a legal adviser to assist some 'illegal immigrants' on how to regularise their status in America and charged them money without solution to their predicament.

From our investigation, this is just a cheap blackmail to drag the name of this Pastor in the mud by faceless satanic enemies of progress.

In a telephone interview with this blogger, Shonubi restated his innocence and blamed haters of his goodwill for the spread of this falsehood on social media.

"My dear brother, this story has been on that unpopular blog for over 2 years, nobody reacted to it because people who are very close to me knew it was 100 % lies from the gutter. I ignored the story for a long time but this is the right time to set the record straight.I have no business with the people behind this fake story. I am not a trained immigration lawyer to advise anybody and then ask for money.I am very comfortable with the blessing of God in my life. I am a man of peace."

When asked if planning to sue the blogger or people behind the malicious story, Pastor Shonubi said he would allow Almighty God to direct him and reward all the faceless people behind this fake story.

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