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It Is High Time Nigerians Can Drink Herbal Medicine The Way They Like ~ Kazeem Ayinla

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The Chief Executive Officer of Seakam Global Resources, the manufacturer of Bajinatu Pooka Herbal,Seakam Bitters, Koro Bitters drinks, Alhaji Kazeem Ayinla, has urged Nigerians to distanced themselves from gins in plastic as herbal drinks and stick to original herbal medicine produced and refined in Nigeria for various health challenges "Bajinatu Pooka"

"We produce to make everyone goes herbal and not gin all in the name of drinking herbal medicine, we are Nigerian and it's left for us to make our country proud by producing good products for our consumers."
"We want everyone to be drinking herbal and that is why we are producing heavily to the satisfaction and to meet up health challenges in Nigeria, we have heard of series of products coming from so many companies in Nigeria that lead to extremely detrimental health issue to consumers as such, that is why we thought it expedient to produce herbal medicine in drinks for consumers to tackle all sort of challenges facing their body system Alhaji Ayinla Kazeem said."

Meanwhile, Alhaji Kazeem explained to the newsmen on the products Seakam has produced earlier before Bajinatu Pooka, which are Seakam Bitters, Koro Bitters and others which are all herbal medicine refined into consumable products by Seakam Global Resources and to the glory of God,we have covered 20 states in Nigeria.

While speaking at the event, he described Otunba Alabi Pasuma as a self reliant, straight forward person ,and someone who always stood by the company whenever they need him, The Juggernaut of Herbal Drinks expressed excitement to witness the inauguration and birthday party at Blue Roof Ikeja Lagos State.

According to the manufacturer of Bajinatu Pooka, We are expecting mammoth crowd to be at our upcoming February 14 Valentine's event at Mowe Ibafo in Ogun state where various hip hop artists will be there live to entertain our guests, gate fee is buying of 365ml of Bajinatu Herbal Drinks at the entrance, we have done in Ikorodu, Lagos State last year and after Ogun state we shall be moving to Oyo State in Ibadan for all our esteem customers to enjoy themselves.

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