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EXCLUSIVE: Investigative Journalists Traced Hidden Treasures To Akwa Ibom

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Dr. Clement Obadimu is a living testimony of ‘grass to grace’ analogy. As a ‘Life Coach’, he never shy away from acts of charity and helping others fulfilling their destinies. In a special investigative mission to Niger Delta, the Nigerian Guild of Investigative Journalists, NGIJ discovers a rare Nigerian who is about to make history by publishing ten books in a day. This feat, according to findings is unprecedented and therefore wets the curiosity of investigators who despite the season of torrential rainfall traced the Ogun state born resident of Akwa Ibom to far away Eket, one of the major towns in the state.

“I truly authored ten books; all deal with how best to live a meaningful life and practical illustrations from our immediate and remote environments. And it’s also true that I’m unveiling all the ten books on a single day. As a matter of fact the ten books will soon be unveiled in a couple of weeks” Clement Olusegun Obadimu, an employee of a multinational company and a volunteered lecturer Pro-Bono confirmed to four members of The Guild led by ‘Wale Abideen President and Managing editor of SECURITY MONITOR (www.securitymonitorng.comSolanke Ayomideji Taiwo, Secretary and Editor-in-Chief of AMEBO, (www.amebo9jafeed.com.ng) Adeyemi Obadimu, Assistance Publicity Secretary and Publisher of News Extra(www.newsextra.com) and Osho Oluwatosin, Welfare Officer and C.E.O of Trixx TV  in his humble bungalow apartment located in Eket, Akwa Ibom State. 

Dr. Clem, as the Life Coach is fondly called by his admirers sheds more lights on the books and how to get them, “I have actually authored many books in the past. But in the series of my new books are,Beyond The Roots and this talk about overcoming a foundational challenge, failure syndrome and embracing the simplicity of success. Here I chronicle my life experiences and some of my numerous mentors around the globe”.
 “Beyond The Roots is the first in the series of four books I tagged: From being successful to being significant. The books acknowledge that an individual whether influenced by his genetic background or conditioned by his environment can still experience liberation through self-determination, self-discipline and the essence of the power of God”

NGIJ engagement with a man who practices what he showcased in his speeches, lectures, public presentations and perhaps in the new 10 books could be very educative and didactic as Dr. Obadimu’s guests and teeming crops of youths he mentors on daily basis interrupted The Guild’s chat with as the marriage counselor whose attention is sought both in the religion and secular circle speaks further. “One of my books, titled: The Reality explains that success is not the destination but touching lives positively is. I also publish The Route which reveals the Ds to achieving realities of one’s dreams”.

Dr. Clement Obadimu said one of the books he is about to launch is The Rise which details the 12 Ps of personality and business growth and the need for success sustenance. This book according to The Guild’s findings always equips, enrich and cause a paradigm shift in the approach of the readers. Emmanuel Udoikpa, Chairman of the Society for Moral and Ethics Rehabilitation opines that the contents in Clement Obadimu’s series of books, ‘From being Successful to being significant’ “shortened the distance and days between individual and where he or she desires to be in life. The principles explained in the books are like quick references which help to eliminate unnecessary negatives and backwards pains travellers of life encounter on way to their Eldorado”.

Dr. Clement Obadimu is not an extra ordinary man but an ordinary Nigerian doing an ordinary thing in an extra ordinary manner and so while showcasing the book ‘Only God Can Do it’ to members of The Guild, the author displays a skill commonly found among men of God and Christian priests. With a mood that suggests its importance, Dr. Clem explains that the book, “Only God Can Do it’ is a collections of true life experiences of ordinary men and women who had experienced extra ordinary lifting at the merciful hands of supernatural God”. He added that the book is sequel to ‘Only God Can Do it’ Vol 1.

A devoted Christian and the District Men’s President of his church, Dr Obadimu noted that “from near death experiences to awesome financial blessings; from mind boggling to eye deliverance popping encounters- at the end you cannot but agree that only God and God alone can make things possible and with God all things are truly possible”.

An Inspiratory tutor to many students of the Akwa Ibom State University and University of Uyo, Dr. Clem’s book titled; Study Smart  is a cynosure to the eyes of young ones who like to form the habits of highly successful students as the book exposed readers to over 100 secret strategies for studying effectively. The book teaches students how not to cheat but pass examinations with modern and result oriented reading styles.
Dr. Obadimu’s ‘Why Business Fail’ is a true life experiences from his involvement in business world. Obadimu did not only explain why businesses fail in this book but also proffers antidote to business failures and financial sustenance. He gave reasons why his own private businesses fail and the strategies he applied to lift them up.
Ochagu Kaka, Ph.D is a senior lecturer in College of Technology in Calabar. While endorsing Study Smart he says 

“Written in prose that at times reads like poetry, the book itself is a fitting reflection of the joys of studying. Its language is simple without being pedantic, insightful without being obtuse, inspiring and encouraging. It inspires the readers to great academic heights, heights that can be achieved without cutting corners…”

Emmanuel Etuk is the President of the Psalmists Mission in Nigeria who had read some of the books authored by Dr. Obadimu and hailed Beyond The Roots as thus “For the first time in human history, a book has emerged that marries Godly and rational, theological and philosophical principles to solve the problem of human development.

The ten books are undoubtedly hidden treasures to those who could not read them. Nigerian Guild of Investigative journalists as well as union of online journalists has set up a team to attend the launching of the books in Uyo, the capital city of oil rich Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. The book unveiling committee also hint of an elaborate Book Launching ceremony and added that Dr. Clem’s 10 Books will be available in both e-format and hard copy. “The E- format could be accessed throughamazon.com while the hard copies will hit bookshops nationwide immediately after the launching.
The erudite author, life coach and destiny helper is a role model to many young successful Nigerians who field questions from investigators and affirmed the intellectual and charity prowess of Dr. Clement Olusegun Obadimu.

Obadimu bagged a Ph.D in Analytical (Environmental) Chemistry from the University of Calabar and he is happily married, with lovely children to Esther Clement Obadimu. 

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