'Ole Buruku! Thief! Change Your Ways Before Men Fall You’ – Davido Sends Serious Threat To His Friend Who Scammed Him Of N5million (Photo) - AMEBOTV BLOGS



'Ole Buruku! Thief! Change Your Ways Before Men Fall You’ – Davido Sends Serious Threat To His Friend Who Scammed Him Of N5million (Photo)

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Nigerian pop sensation, Davido seems to have fallen into the wrong crowd again. The singer has issued a threat to a man whom he claims duped him of £10k. Sharing the picture of the guy, he warned him to watch out because “all men are now on him”. According to Davido, the money is no big deal to him but he wants to make sure the guy knows he messed with the wrong person.

He wrote: “Ole Buruku!!! Thief!! All men are on you Bastard!! U bleeped with the wrong one.” He then made another post sending death threats to the man., saying, “This nigga a fraud..Change your ways before men fall you. Bastard!!! 10K pounds a poo to me. Enjoy the money Bleep boiii…Open.” He later posted a video saying: “Anyone who finds him should collect the money and keep it.”

In other news, when Nigerian music star, Davido released his song “Fall” in 2017, it became an instant hit not only in Nigeria but across Africa and went on to become one of the biggest songs of that year.Now according to a new report by Rolling Stone, “Fall” is reportedly taking over radio stations in the United States. In its report, Rolling Stone described the smash hit as one of the biggest to ever come out of Africa.

Here is the report as follows: “The Nigerian style of music known as Afrobeats has quietly entranced a large swathe of the world’s population. “Pretty much every song on pop radio [in the U.K. now] is sort of a Mr. Eazi-style, chill, afrobeats [track],” the producer Riton told Rolling Stone last year. But Nigerian singers have not yet established a foothold Stateside, despite well-received, afrobeats-dusted singles from established stars like Drake and Janet Jackson. So it’s unusual that “Fall,” a springy, 19-month-old track from the Nigerian singer DaVido, is currently gaining traction on the airwaves. The growth has been gradual: 482 plays to date, spread across 36 stations, according to Nielsen BDS, which tracks radio activity. BDS reports that four new stations added “Fall” into rotation last week.

“It’s too early to tell if Davido can establish a new path from Nigeria to the American airwaves — his team only recently started “attacking US radio properly,” according to an email from the singer’s manager, Asa Asika. But there’s no denying that when listeners hear DaVido’s music, they are immediately compelled to figure out who sings it. And that’s not just the case with “Fall.” This week New Yorkers were also trying to determine who steals the show on local rapper Casanova’s new single “2am” (Shazaming Top 25). Surprise — it’s DaVido. He is also the artist behind the 2017 track “If,” which is Shazaming Top 50 in New York. Davido’s success appears to be a boon for other Nigerian artists as well.”

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