One thing that is constant in life is change and when it comes to humans a number of factors coming into bearing.

In the world of entertainment, a new celebrity is born almost every other day and guess what, we get to see them either grow and blossom into world-class stars and fashionistas or fade out in no time. For those who have remained in the game, we've also watched how their physical appearances changed from the moment stardom and fame hit them.
Worthy of note is that on this list, some of these celebrities have transformed as they aged (like fine wine) while for some, they had to do the 'needful' with plastic surgeries or maybe hit the gym and get that right body which makes us sometimes wonder 'Where did that body come from?'
1. Ebuka
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu in Vodi
Pulse's hottest male celebrity of 2018, Ebuka has got be one of those celebrities who can wear just a pair of t-shirts and shorts and still social media on fire and probably trend for days. He is fine like that but the truth is that when Ebuka first showed up on our TV screens on the first season of 'Big Brother Naija' back in 2006, he looked like the average guy even though he had the looks.
Ebuka Obi-Uchendu back in 2006 when he took part in the first editoin of Big Brother Naija
Since then, the University of Abuja trained Lawyer has become not just one of the most talked about celebrities but the guy who puts the 'F' in fashionista. From obviously hitting the gym, getting tattoos and maybe a few pieces of training here and there, Ebuka has become the guy to watch out for on the red carpet and exceptional media personality.
2. Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh has got all the right to be called a gorgeous woman because she sure does have that beauty that will make any fashion magazine want her as their cover girl. We aren't saying Tonto Dikeh became a beauty overnight, but the fact remains that she has put in a lot of effort in becoming that sexy woman the media can't stop talking about.
Tonto Dikeh
We all know how conservative Nigerians are when it comes to talking about plastic surgeries but Tonto Dikeh created a new narrative when it was revealed that she had done a couple of plastic surgeries. After the surgery, Tonto's new look kept everyone in awe and just like Oliver Twist who asked for more, Tonto Dikeh says she won't stop getting more body lift anytime soon.
3. KCee
Since KCee kicked off a career as a single artist after leaving his former group mate, Presh, we watched him grow his act. Even though critics haven't really been easy on him, he has continued to fight for a place in the hearts of music lovers. One cannot ignore the fact that KCee' fashion style has come under intense scrutiny (The guy loves colourful outfits).
KCee's look back in 2015
In 2018, we are so sure KCee got himself a new stylist and publicist too because we all woke up one morning to find out that everything about him has changed. From his choice of outfits to his hairstyle (He was going bald and guess what? It disappeared) not to forget the fact that he must have gotten himself a new body trainer. Right now KCee can make the list of the sexiest male celebrities in the country at the moment.
4. Toke Makinwa
toke makinwa reveals that she had her body fixed in 2018
Personally, we think Toke Makinwa is the best dressed female celebrity in Nigeria at the moment even though it is open for debate. Toke Makinwa makes every single outfit look exceptionally beautiful. She puts in extra efforts to look good for the gram. Funny how we were all admiring the media personality but she wasn't really happy about her physical appearance.
Toke Makinwa
In 2018, we all noticed Toke Makinwa's new look and trust us when we say this was far from hitting the gym and spending rigorous hours trying to look fit. Then rumours began to filter the air that she had gotten a couple of plastic surgeries done. Toke Makinwa didn't want any of her fans, lovers, admirers and even haters to die of curiosity as she finally let the at out of the bag by revealing that she didn't like her body, hence she got it fixed! 
5. 2Face Idibia
2Face Idibia
Dating back to the late 1990s when we first heard 2Face Idibia sing with his then group, Plantashun Boyz, the ladies already loved him and we knew he was going to be one of the hottest male celebrities in the making. If you followed his lifestyle from the point when he rose to stardom, 2Face Idibia wasn't the dapper looking guy (Let's just say he knew how to follow the fashion trend).
2face Idibia
Fast forward to recent times, 2Face Idibia has become not just one of the most well-dressed celebrities in Africa but he has become a reference point when we talk about guys that know how to slay in anything they wear.