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Lagos Based Poet, Dawood-Akerele Eulogies Tinubu at 67

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Jagaban Borgu 
A generational phenomenon 
Such a rare breed in Africa 
Bola was born a lion 
Roars, rules, reigns
Posseses the gut 
So fearless, daring 
Destined to rule 
Not just to roar 
Jagaban Borgu

Across the continent 
Many leaders had gone
Ruled in the time past
Done their good, better, best
Has anyone surpassed him? 
Has anyone made men like him? 
Has anyone built crowns like him?
Has anyone built vault like him? 
Has anyone shared love like him? 
Has anyone shown kindness like him?
May be!

I'm still searching 
Using Google, crystal ball 
Consulting the soothsayer 
If Ahmed are two or more
In this generation, moment 
Though, the list is unending 
But just only one Bola Ahmed 
Unique in all ramifications 
Can we still get his species?
May be!

Many hate him, many love him
That's how it should be, expected
Tinubu is so ambidextrous 
He dismantles a hot 
To build a mansion 
He destests sheep 
But loves lions, tigers
He supplies confidence 
He shares bravery, power 
He builds, he destroys 
A bricklayer, a bulldozer
Can anyone act like him? 
May be!

With his money 
With his connection 
Ahmed has removed 
Tinubu has installed 
He'll still remove, install 
Govs, President, Minister 
He dictates who will go 
He anoints who will stay 
Has anyone done that like him? 
May be!

Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a bridge 
Linked the regions, the zones
The South with the North 
The home, the abroad 
The loved, the hate
The poor, the rich
What a bridge
That must not cut
Any other bridge?
May be!


Call him a soldier 
As he covers his heart with khakhi 
Armed his voice with gun and bullets 
Shoot but hardly misses the target 
He selects among the best to lead 
He defiles bariers at selection time 
Ignores protocol, stick to his choice 
Even if heaven seems falling, dropping 
Dares crowns, dares crowd, dares colour 
Stands unawed against all odds 
Tinubu will never retreat nor surrender 
Will this orator retire? 
May be!

The money river streaming in bourdillion 
Oozing unending So Atlantic, so Oceanic, 
He plunges bunches of money like oranges
Ahmed veries his cash in trucks, jets
Tinubu feels uncomfortable without sharing 
He passionately loves to bless the needy 
Bola cares to raise a kitten to a cat 
Will this benevolent spirit depart him? 
May be!

Jagaban talks carelessly like a tobbaco man
That's when he aims to hit his opponents, detractors 
Asiwaju is so eloquent while schooling his fans 
He often attacks the power with his grammar 
He speaks Yoruba like a learner, toddler 
He believes so much in the power of his tongue. 
He revers Awolowo, Abiola, other gone heroes beyond description. 
Is there any other talker like him? 
May be!

Tinubu, Eko himself 
Keeps the city's master plan in his chest pocket 
Wants no pupils out of school 
Rebuilds education not just structure 
Provides estates for every sector 
Keens to see Lagos as clean as Mecca 
Expands markets every month,  every year 
Designs a workable transportation system 
Creates jobs through various agencies 
Tinubu takes care of the monarchs 
Bola expands beyond the state of aquatic nature 
Hope to see other states like a centre of excellence 
Anyone with this kind of dream? 
May be!

Epic, he deserves, not elegy 
I prefer to celebrate him in his lifetime 
Epigraph, cenotaph not the best 
Tinubu deserves a litany of encomium
Eulogy, panergyric, 
Ahmed worth stanzas of poems 
To be memorized and reciting 
Every morning, On assembly ground
In the afternoon, on assembly ground 
In public school across the state 
Does any other one deserve this? 
May be!

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