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'I Wish Buhari Had Not Been President Of Nigeria' - Segun Sowunmi

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The spokesperson to the presidential candidate of People's Democratic Party PDP in the last election, Chief Segun Sowunmi has said he wished Buhari had never been president of Nigeria because of his incapability and saddleness with responsibility that is beyond his capacity. 

Below is the excerpt of the interview session with Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo of Amebo Online Newspaper during the week.

Is the vote of common Nigerians still counting? 

Whoever is ajudge to have won an election where people are judging that something must have happened and it's not happening is siting on illegitimate mandate, and the victim is the winner... if Buhari is siting on illegitimate power, then he is the victim becauce he is acting as if he is siting on a stolen mandate, if Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is the victim that means the mandate given to him, the system has not allowed him to use it, people who are siting in the elms of affairs, in the authority are the biggest looser. 
How can anyone gather all the electorate in one room after polling in 119,000+ wards and proof to them the electoral system is not corrupt, this leaves doubt in our mind if someone who wins, win legitimately and who lost, lost fairly in the election. 

What can you say about the Buhari leadership skills in driving Nigeria?

President Buhari has never been president at all, I fear for his legacies post presidency,he should have never been president of Nigeria at all, when he assumed office in 2015 he could have been the person the world who have been giving the credits to as the best president Nigeria ever had, comparing him with the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo but unfortunately victory has dimistified becoming president, being allowed to win an election in Nigeria has completely dimistified Buhari, as a young boy who went to military school, as a sin of a military man I always wonder how dimistified Buhari had become, this is the Buhari that if he had not won the election people would have been crying here and there that if Buhari is th3 president he would have fixed so many things in Nigeria. This same Buhari of Metasini, the same Buhari of 'War Against Undiscipline', the same Buhari of Idiagbon, he made the case worst by saying he does not understand the insecurity challenges facing the nation, How could a commander in chief of Armed Forces dare utter such statement? Who is supposed to get the security information of the country before anyone if not him? Look at th4 way he has dimistified himself... Ordinarily, if he had not become the president of Nigeria, people would have been crying foul that he won't allow thieves, look at how his ministers and cabinet members are being arrested here and there for laundering money and the bury it after making it a news, he has surrounded himself with lots of thieves, some are not even capable of the offices they're holding, in Buhari cabinet is where you'll see a man whose performance has been dropping and dropping after over years in office but Buhari sees nothing bad in them instead of retiring them after overstay in office. 
You'll see the economy of the country not growing, you'll see employment opportunities not frequent, that should tell you more about Buhari leadership.

President Mohammadu Buhari, Grand Commander in chief of Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria with due respect has been saddled with the responsibility that is beyond his capacity ,and he has made things even worse for himself, Buhari philosophy was loved by PAN-Nigerian but now they have loose hope on Buhari because they have seen Buhari doesn't even like them, the southwest governors are setting up security outfit to protect lives and properties of the citizens but Buhari was against it, invariably the country is disintegrating do you know why? People will tell you he is nepoistic, he's selfish, he knows only his people who are surrounding him. In term of indiscipline you'll agree with me when driving on the road you'll see the traffic agencies collecting bribe without any fear, you'll see the police demanding for money from motorist without any fear for indisciplined, is this not same Buhari of 1982-4 who has zero tolerance for indisciplined? Buhari who carried stick and start beating people to effect indiscipline?

Is this not the same Buhari that when he speaks, there is proper orientation exercise in his statement, you will open your television set and watch 'War Against Indisciplined, put on radio and listen to 'War Against Indiscipline' it was almost a song everywhere and people are afraid of commiting crimes and criminalities, is that not same Buhari? 

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