Arabambi Reacts To Allegations Of Recieving 5M From Gov Abiodun, Blasts Oginni as Threashrous and irresponsible - AMEBOTV BLOGS



Arabambi Reacts To Allegations Of Recieving 5M From Gov Abiodun, Blasts Oginni as Threashrous and irresponsible

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OLAPOSI  OGINNI RECKLESSLY LIED ON SPLASH FM RADIO :A REJOINDER BY COMRADE GENTLEMAN ARABAMBI ABAYOMI .. Ogun State Chairman of Labour Party and Chairman inter Party Advisory Council southwest.

 My attention was  drawn to a false statement on Splash Fm Radio 106.7 ochestrated by Mr Oginni Olamiposi Sunday, an indigine of Osun State but domicile in Ogun State and seconded as a local resident in Ilaro Yewa south Local Government where he purportedly claimed that His Excellency Gov Dapo Abiodun through Hon Biyi Adeleye gave Labour Party Ogun State the Sum of Five million naira after the supreme judgement on LP PETITION vs INEC ,APC and Prince Dapo Abiodun.

 Ordinarily,  I Comrade Gentleman Abayomi Arabambi, the Ogburu gburu 1 of Ogun State wouldn't have dignified this silly ranting or considered it necessary to react to this epistle of personal bitterness , ignorance, self contradictions and complete unintelligent outburst carelessly like the drunkard that he is, vomitted on splash FM Radio Station with very particular reference to my person and role in an electoral dispute that led to a court trial that of course involved the INEC and the APC , its then Candidate Prince Dapo Abiodun in the 2019 Governorship Election , but for the benefit of the few in the public who may innocently be mis informed by this ethically rusty and morally deprived social misfit in our society.

Olaposi Oginni who as the State Secretary was in spite of his very many  treacheries  and atrocious party betrayals was very reluctantly  tolerated until he was suspended and finally dismissed from Ogun Labour Party when he tried very unsuccessfully to bear false witness in the case against INEC.

It was loudly in the public domain that he became the tool  for the opposition party through his sudden immoral and deficient integrity collaboration as the Man - Friday to  Chief Ayo Olubori the current  APC State Secretary.

 All his efforts at trying to derail the Labour Party's case against the respondents finally got dismissed at the Appeal Court. In the cited case , INEC omitted the name and logo of LP on the ballot paper for the 2019 Ogun Gubernatorial election and this was challenged in the Court by LP .

Funny enough , this same morally dead  Oginni , then as a State Sec of Ogun LP by his own account and claim allowed himself to be sponsored by a former Commissioner  Ayo Olubori from the  Opposition party APC against  his supposed party LP by going to  court to initiate another dimension and plea with a view to truncate LP's Petition case.

 Meanwhile , LP did see that move by Oginni as one ANTI PARTY treachery too many and he was as a result summarily dismissed and his name was extantly  expunged from the LP through a National Convention in 2019.

The foregoing is to give a brief back - ground to the chain of events that he stated on Splash FM Radio Station to assassinate the characters of many individuals including, Gov Dapo Abiodun,  Baba Olusegun Osoba, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Yayi, Hon Biyi Adeleye and  my humble self.

 Meanwhile , since Nigeria is Governed by the rule of law, it is unnecessary to bother myself on some of his statements that was aimed at deliberately assassinating my character.

 Again , he went on to claim that I was the individual who was asked to partner with him in a meeting in which he claimed , a sum of #5million was given to me since he himself purposely decidedly not to attend .

I will leave his very moronic claims for the public to consider.

One : 

On what platform was myself and Oginni invited to a meeting with Gov  Dapo Abiodun (MFR) ?? against who I am litigating and Oginni who have then been suspended from LP ?.


Is Oginni trying to deny his betrayal of LP ?.  How on earth would I be asked to a meeting under such situation with me as the face of the then ongoing litigation ?.

Was the #5million to offset the tens of millions of Naira LP expended on judicial costs ?.

Going Forward, after the Court of Appeal Ibadan threw Oginni and his sponsors' Appeal against LP out in 2018 , this is after the same very frivolous but time - wasting case had failed at the Federal High Court Abeokuta.
This earned Oginni his dismissal from LP and he joined National Interest Party , all in 2019 but he is  presently with NNPP in Ogun State In 2021.

The case LP instituted against INEC , APC and Dapo Abiodun was terminated at the Supreme Court and this Oginni who claimed that Pa Segun Osoba stood as surety between himself and Gov Dapo Abiodun when he agreed to work for the APC at the tribunal and at cross - purposes against Ogun LP under my leadership could claim that I , the face of the clearly long , bitter and exhaustive litigation against INEC and APC was invited along with himself to collect a paltry sum of #5m gratification when in actual fact LP engaged the services of a SAN - Senior Advocate of Nigeria for the case , is it not just laughable that some token of #5m could for any reason be arranged and in Company of the detractor and serial betrayer for a matter that commences from State Election petition Tribunal, to the Court of Appeal Ibadan and terminated at the Supreme Court?

The truth is that Oginni was never a party to Ogun LP petition and I say very loudly and confidently with all sense of responsibility that at no time did I Comrade Gentleman Abayomi Oluwafemi Arabambi collect #5m from Gov Dapo Abiodun MFR and neither did Gov Dapo Abiodun nor Hon Biyi Adeleye at any time offer Ogun LP, her Candidate Ms Modupeola Ibiwunmi Sanyaolu , our Legal Adviser Bar Mawah Monday and my humble self any gratification of any sum. 

This is in the warped imagination of Olaposi Oginni.

Unintelligent liars like Oginni do at most times easily , embarrassingly and conclusively contradict themselves even as he derangely claimed to be my Political Leader  is as insulting as it is incomprehensible , absolutely rascality ,a complete blicking configuration of incompetent analysis ,arrant gibberish and nonsensical balderdash in it's entirety

As a non native of Ogun State , Oginni may not know that politics has gone far beyond what he is trying to equate with his native Osun State. Oginni has never ever been part of any active politics in Ogun State when I have actively held the Under listed offices :
 Let us go there ; 

(1) I was appointed  as a Legislative aide on Political , policy and strategy to the Chairman , Ogun State House of Assembly Committee on Works , Hon Sina Aroyeun .

(2) I was appointed as a  member of the 4-man Election Committee by the former National Chairman of PDP, Senator Ahmadu Alli and we conducted the Ekiti State Congress in which Engr Ropo Adesanya emerged as the Ekiti State Chairman.

(3) I was appointed by the State Chairman of PDP Elder Joju Fadairo to conduct the Ogun East Senatorial primaries at Ijebu Ode Stadium where Sen Lekan Mustapa was returned elected and eventually won the General Election in 2007.

(4) I was appointed to conduct the Remo Federal Constituency primaries where Elder Dave  Salako was returned elected and eventually won the General Election in the house of representatives 2007

(5) I was appointed by Fmr Governor Gbenga Daniel as  a Supervisory Councilor For Education under the Chairmanship of Alhaji Faidat Sarumi Akintunde in Abeokuta North Local Govt.

(6) I was  appointed by Fmr Governor Gbenga Daniel as S.A on Employment Generation  under the Chairmanship of Bar Hon Abeeb Wale Ajayi.

(7) in 2010 , I left PDP for LP where I was appointed the Director General of the Ogun LP Governorship Campaign Organization when late Awojide Awosedo was LP Governorship Candidate in 2011.

(8) While Oginni was a Local Govt Sec of LP , the need to reorganize our State LP Exco arose and Oginni was made the Acting State Sec in 2014 while I was still the State Financial Secretary and later became the State Deputy Chairman till 2016.

(9) In 2016 - 2018 , I was the Acting State Chairman of Ogun LP and subsequently became the substantive Ogun LP State Chairman in 2018 in March for the first term of 4 years , I also through this office emerged unopposed as the State Chairman of the Inter Party Advisory Council of Ogun State Chapter. 

 I have received for five (5) consecutive years  many awards in recognition of my selfless service to my party ,  Ogun State and NIGERIA in General which includes:

(1) The Newsdirect award of excellence "As Opposition Political party Of the Year 2017

(2) The Nigeria Union of Journalist Ogun State Council award " Media Friendly Award " 2018.

(3) The Nigeria Union Of Journalist ,Ogun State Federated Chapel award " As Politician Of The Year 2019.

The Nigeria Union of Journalist, corresponding Chapel award as" Political Personalty of the Year 2020

The Nigeria Union Of Journalist Award of excellence " In recognition of Excellent Political Trajectory and Media Friendliness 2021

With all of these honours , left , right and center , I find it very uncomfortable to argue further with this nobodies bought and paid for by someone desperate for a loss trophy. 

Today and very presently , I am the Chairman EMERITUS  of Ogun State Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) been the first to be elected unopposed as well as the Chairman of Inter Party Advisory Council southwest chapter.

Meanwhile , I will like to remind Oginni that his various statements on Splash FM Radio interview against my person are not only injurious and damaging , he did  it with the sole aim to deliberately defame and consciously assassinate my hard earned  Character that I have laboured so hard over decades to build and thus brought my family name to disrepute and ridicule before Nigerians  and lower my estimation before the whole world .

However , since we live in a Country where law and order prevails , I reserve the right to fight to uphold my honour .

 Finally , I have briefed my Lawyer and instructed him to commence a civil suit in the Court of Competent Jurisdiction seeking #20billion as general damages and #10 billion as exemplary and aggravated damages .

Very importantly , all options for any Political or civil settlement is hereby foreclosed as I am fully prepared to pursue justice .

Thank you all 

Comrade Gentleman Arabambi Abayomi.

Ogburu gburu 1of Ogun State
State Chairman Labour Party
Chairman Ipac Southwest
Chairman Emeritus Ogun IPAC

Date: 06/10/2021

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