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Gov Abiodun's Aide On Politics, Adeleye Distance Self From Gunshot At Afotamodi's Day

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The Special Adviser to Gov Dapo Abiodun On Political matters has reacted to a recent publication with the heading, "Gov Abiodun SA Deter International Investors From Ogun State At Isara-Aforamodi Festival — Community Youths Lament" published by one online medium,

According to his media team, It’s necessary to clear the air and let the people of Ogun State see the true picture of what happened at Afotamodi Day yesterday and to debunk the news going around on social media, which was published by 

The truth of the matter is that there was gun shot indeed, but it was an accidental discharge on the part of one of the careless Vigilantes  attached to the event, eye witnesses said. 

Mr Seyi, who was at the spot where the incident occurred said: The vigilante handled the gun unprofessionally as he was drunk and forgot to activate the safety tab in the gun he was carrying and by so doing the gun was misfired and unfortunately hit four individuals, particularly the indigenous diasporans who were seated in their tent in a ceremonial mood.

Hon Adebiyi Adeleye has nothing to do with the gun shot and nothing like hired thugs. In his entourage, was the Remo North Local Government Executive Chairman, the Executive Vice Chairman, all the LG Councilors among other important people in his entourage. 

Afotamodi Day is an annual Festival, it's a day that the indigenes of Isara celebrates, rejoice, laugh, count our achievements and give thanks to Almighty God for spearing our lives, how on earth would someone like Hon Adebiyi Adeleye hire thugs to disrupt such a glorious day in Isara. An event where we have Odemo of Isara, Onipara of Ipara, Oba Of Ikenne Remo, High Chiefs, Baales, State Appointees, Government Representatives, Isara indigene in diaspora and in the presence of Isara people. Hon Adebiyi Adeleye is not a violent person, he respect and love his people.

It is evidence that the news emanated from the camp of unscrupulous elements and its already dead on arrival as the ugly incident happened in the presence of Isara people, security outfits assigned to provide security at the event.

Hon. Adebiyi Adeleye has already sent delegates to check the victims at the hospital and it was reported that the victims have been stabilized and recuperating well.

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