Reps Member, Ibrahim Isiaka Calls For Investigation, Recommend Severe Punishment For Child's Labour, Human Trafficking, Labour Exploitation Syndicates - AMEBOTV BLOGS



Reps Member, Ibrahim Isiaka Calls For Investigation, Recommend Severe Punishment For Child's Labour, Human Trafficking, Labour Exploitation Syndicates

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......Hon. Rep. Ibrahim Ayokunle Isiaka Speaks on Urgent Public Important Matters; Child Labour, Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery, Servitude, and Labour Exploitation.

Hon Rep. Ibrahim Ayokunle Isiaka representing the good people of Ifo/Ewekoro Federal federal constituency has moved a motion to investigate the root cause of Child Labour, Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery, Servitude and Labour Exploitation which is traceable to the activities of Travel & Tour Agencies, Labour Recruits Agency, Sport and Educational Agencies and other body involved in the movement of citizens in and out of Nigeria as the first point of call to address the issue of modern slavery ravaging the country in particular reference to citizens migrating to the Middle East and Western Europe.

He further affirmed that the Distinguished House of Representatives is disturbed that modern slavery and its related issue are co-mixed in a web of complexity and continue to thrive because of the growing lapses in our institutions among others to check key factors as noted by International labor organizations. 

Succinctly put that there are an estimated 40.3million people trapped in modern slavery around the world. Unfortunately, out of this 40.3million, there are about a 24.9million people who are said to be within the situation of forced labour, and out of this 24.9million trapped in forced labour, 16million people are exploited within the private sectors. This included fields such as domestic works, construction, and agriculture.  
Furthermore, 8millions out of the aforementioned 24.9million are people sufferings from forced sexual exploitation. Precisely, around 4million from the 24.9million are victims of forced labour imposed by states authority even within us. Women and girls are dispassionately affected by forced labour. 99% of the victim are in the commercial industry.

Nigeria as of today ranks top among the nations in the sub-Saharan region with her citizens estimated to make up to about 25% of the victims trapped in this issue under consideration. Knowing fully well that Nigeria occupies a central position in West African as a country of origin, transit, and designation of victims of human trafficking, forced labour, exploitation for men, women, and children. They are being daily trafficked to Western Europe, the Middle East, Central Africa countries under deception for purposes of exploits in a wide range of industries. In addition their forceful subjection to sex trade, baby factory,  domestics work, mining, stone quarrying, manufacturing and works in plantation in identical to the old slavery method. 

Hon. Isiaka affirmed that members of the Green Chamber are worried that these inhumane impunities have become hard strong and rock solids, because legislation has become more of shelves legislation due to low enforcement. He emphasizes that any legislation that is not backed with the weight of enforcement is reputed with constant abuse by the perpetrators. He stressed that one can boldly say that modern slavery perpetrators in Nigeria have been able to grow this insidious economic evil over the years and certainly perpetrate this evil due to the weak system and unchecked institutions.

He affirmed, it is worrisome to know How, When Who recruits, and who receives at the other end. Thus, these are questions the green chamber needs to unravel. For this reason, this house resolve and mandate the following committees;
1. Labour and Productivity
2. Human Rights
3. Youths and Diaspora

To carry out in-depth investigative hearings on the process and issuance of licenses to tour operators, labour recruiters, labour exchange employment agencies, and all hosts of others related to the subject matters. The House further affirmed that the compliance committee should ensure very strict compliance to this resolution.

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