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By Solanke Ayomideji Taiwo 


Recently, Forbes Africa featured one of the leading property entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Group Managing Director of Adron Homes and Properties, Aare Adetola Olaniyi Emmanuel king whom was among whom the journalists visited to inspect most of the massive projects executed by the developer, reports.

Though, this is not the first time the Group Managing Director of Adron Homes and Properties, Aare Adetola Olaniyi Emmanuel King is dominating the pages of newspapers. Apart from Forbes Africa, he has appeared in several newspapers following his contribution to the development of the economy by providing employment and shelter to Nigerians.    

His company, Adron Homes and Properties, today is one of the leading real estate companies engaged in the acquisition, development and management of housing sector across Nigeria with its properties highly diversified with respect to design and styles.
From inception, Adron Homes and Properties made it a policy and priority to build the best housing estates at affordable prices following the slogan "Making the Incredible Affordable" This strategy elevated his company to be one of the best housing developing companies in Nigeria.

Despite his achievements, his wealth and affluence doesn’t influence his actions. He is humble, intelligent and a smart young man. He is one successful man whom many would want to work and identify with, not particularly because of what he has accomplished but for his enthusiasm towards uplifting and empowering everyone he comes in contact with. 

Aare Adetola Olaniyi EmmanuelKing is a devoted Christian and a great philanthropist with a heart of gold. He is a firm believer in the development of his community, he uses his personal financial resources to spread change and contribute to areas he is passionate about. One of many such contributions cuts across the infrastructural development all over the country and other basic human capital projects.

Aare Adetola Emmanuelking, just like Conor Mc Gregor, astutely believes in taking inspiration from everyone and everything, gets inspired by current champions, former champions, true competitors, people dedicated to their dream, hard workers, dreamers, believers, achievers to guide him on his journey so far. 

Listening he believes gives one the opportunity to learn more because of course, “nobody has monopoly of knowledge.” You cannot pretend to have all the knowledge in the world as nobody knows everything, and nobody knows anything.

He is a highly motivated and innovative entrepreneur who has attended diverse management courses in order to improve himself. His experience spans information technology, human resource management, manufacturing and most importantly process and systems driven construction management.

Aare Adetola Emmanuelking is a customer centric entrepreneur, he consistently talks about how client must have value for money anytime they key into any of his projects. He believes so much in his human resource as he claims that only a motivated work force can propel any organization to greatness.

Aare Adetola Emmanuelking, however, started like many other Nigerian businessmen. At first, his big dream to make Nigerians sheltered in the most affordable comfortable housing standard won’t succeed but with sheer hard work, determination and commitment, he was able to conquer the obstacles and achieve a major feat on that path.

His humble beginnings began with him working as a strategic team player for a company in real estate, unfortunately along the line, he encountered a personal issue that has to do with his life .He approached the company for assistance which they declined.

However, his lovely wife Olori Aderonke Emmanuelking, stepped in to support him which helped him in surviving the travail. This incident birthed his zeal to focus on himself and his aspirations. Consequently he said to himself “it’s time to provide Housing for the middle class,” and led him to resign his white-collar job to begin his quest.

The industry despite all Aare Adetola's  achievement still has a long way to go to satisfy the growing demand of Lagos , Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Nasarawa, Ekiti, Suleja and Abuja residents in providing sufficient housing for them. According to him, the country is lacking about 17 million houses with about 60-70 per cent living in slums and informal settlements.

The Centre for Affordable Housing and Finance in Africa, estimates that 700,000 more homes are needed each year to keep pace with the population explosion.
“I went into the housing sector because I was propelled to serve Nigerians in housing sectors after attaining my masters at the University of Ibadan. For everybody, when you look at your needs, it’s probably food first and then you think of shelter. So there is no way anybody that is providing shelter will get it wrong. I think there are enormous opportunities to tap into in the Nigerian housing sector market today and the reputation of the developer matters a whole lot.

In the operational aspect of construction, there is a tendency to drive up the cost of the construction because most of the finishing materials are imported and so the restrictions of FX make it difficult to import these goods which drive up the price. On the other hand, a property that was selling at $150,000 can now go for $100,000 if the person has FX, so for these people, there is a higher advantage,” Aare Adetola Emmanuelking said.

The vision of Adron Homes and Properties is to become a leading real estate management and development company in West Africa. In recent times the success recorded by the company in the previous decade confirms that the company is indeed edging closer to its dream.

Adron Homes and Properties today without any iota of doubt has emerged as one of the most highly rated and respected building construction companies in the property development business. The company and its workers are dedicated to providing custom-tailored solutions and high standards of advice.

Every business, he said comes with challenges but with determination and commitment, there is a higher probability of swift progression. “Usually, we look for money to develop one property and once we sold that, we  build three more properties accompanied with aggressive and consistent marketing to get subscribers to buy and continue with the cycle in a bigger scale.” he added.

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