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Breaking: Tinubu Loyalist, Makinde Declares Interest For House of Representatives

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The former house of representatives, Ile-Ife federal constituency, Hon Rotimi Makinde has declared his interest to contest as member of house of representatives come 2023. 
He declared his interest in his hometown today 9th of March 2022 in the presence of party faithful across the constituency.

Makinde is a top scribe in the SWAGA 23' agenda for His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu for presidenct come 2023. 

According to his speech below...


Great Icons of Ife Federal Constituency

Great Leaders and Loyal Members of our Great Party, The All Progressives Congress (APC), Traditional rulers.
 My Great Leaders.

 First of all, let me express my profound appreciation to all of you for the trust, and honour on me to peruse this piece. It is a special and historical bulletin from me to you. You all sacrificed that our dear constituency can still trek on its path of greatness and resume its lead position in grassroots, women and youth developments among the league of constituencies. We want to see IFE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY prosper and outmatch its present  state. We need men of intelligence, integrity, dignity and excellent character to contest for elective positions and rescue our dear constituency and to move us faster.
In as much as we have hundreds of people with such attributes in our dear constituency, yet we need to face the reality of choosing one, the most ready, trusted, experienced and most importantly that have been tested in such capacity and who is ready to protect the interests of the common people of our constituency. I have, therefore, decided that I will formally declare my intention for the position of member of House of Representatives, IFE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY.

This decision was taken after a careful and well extended consultations with party leaders most importantly the people of IFE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY..  I am that welfarist you know and that goal getter who I ever committed to his communities.I have the educational skills and the ability to serve and represent the constituency .I have done it before and I can renew my energy for the familiar routes.I remained very active and honoring the calls of the party, attending and participating in meetings and events of our great party and the constituency at large. 

I am a tested ally of the people and my service records as a legislator  in the lower house remains unbeatable in the public domain. I served as a federal legislator in the year 2011 - 2015 and as the deputy chairman of the committee of human rights at the lower chamber of the National assembly. The primary duty of a legislator is to make laws, move meaningful motions and sponsors bills while the secondary duty is to lobby and supervise projects. In all my years of service, I attended all legislative days with vibrancy and uncommon courage. I sponsored more than bills and I moved more than meaningful motions. I was everywhere across the constituency with my social programmes and touching lives and most importantly i allowed my generousity speaks foe itself.because I am a symbol of the common people especially the grassroots and very liberal .

 I remain passionate about lives especially women and children. A lot of meaningful motions and projects were moved, but could not see the end of the tunnel because I was not returned to the house in 2015 , and my successor could not continue from where I stopped because out call and party principle and personal knowledge of legislative runnings of the house is very different.

I sponsored several bills as a first timer while serving as a legislator in 2011 - 2015. All these bills can be easily traced and confirmed from different sources such as internets, National Assembly database and other relevant sources.

As a child who grew up without spoons in the slums of Ile-Ife town and with the sole support of my parents, I pulled myself from this stagnancy and despair. I faced the future with uncommon courage,my primary and secondary education was in ile ife and Modakeke area and I struggled hard to utilize slight opportunities into useful products to have masters in finance. That was why I became determine to create opportunities while in service of nnpc where I voluntarily resigned to answered the communal call tattoos me this far.
I took up the baton of responsibility by focusing on youths engagement, and ways of empowerment became my worries and concerns and  all these can only get better. 

It is sad, unfortunate, pitiful and lamentable that all these wonderful actions taken and non sentimental and selective social programmes ended with my tenure, and people of IFE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY have been subjected to titular leadership. This notion does not befit us as elites, literates and responsible sons of the soil. We need to change the narratives and the gear at which our constituency negatively moves towards self ruin. We need to plan together and rescue our constituency from the generation of stagnancy,despair  and not fielding ranking to maximise dividend of growth. I am now wiser and much more ready to priotise expenditure and in the know of what my people truly need more.Your mandate, I so seek.

As I move around this constituency,living with them and interacting with people of the downtrodden; I listen to their concerns and worries about the deplorable state of this constituency. I could see the disappointments and neglection on their faces. Expectations have been shortchanged because they need someone who will think about them. Agriculture, education and unbiased meaningful assistance and improved standard of livings, provision of tools for better living. They have spoken through their interaction with  me  in this little stopped  over and that they are tired of nursing a wounded heart . Inspite of all, they still believe and trust and they are still placing their calls of service with positive energies, that need to be honored by choosing the most ready for the task ahead. This places on us the responsibility of stewardship. It is the consciousness of this national responsibility that has guided my political adventures; and it is this call to service that I have come to answer once again.My records is known to my party and the public are eagerly waiting to see the needful for they know me well and I know where the shoes pinches them.

I hereby call on all leaders of my great party, APC, traditional rulers, captains of fields and the great people of IFE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY to join me on this historical, political journey guided by responsibilities as I am more determined to make us proud.

Thank You.

Hon. Rotimi Mikahil Makinde

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