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Ogun PDP Guber Aspirant, Segun Showunmi Seeks Social Media Friend's Support Ahead Of 2023 Election

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The governorship aspirant of People's Democratic Party PDP in Ogun State, Chief Segun Showummi has solicited for support of his social media friends across board. 
He sent a call to action article to his Whatsapp group to charged them ahead of the forthcoming general election in Nigeria. 

Below is the excerpt of the note;


Dear Social Media friends, 

A few days ago, I said yes to the loud call of some of our people in Ogun state to contest for the office of governor of our beloved state. 

Years ago, I came back from Europe and started living in Abeokuta. I had majorly two reasons, it was peaceful, clean and well organized, a verdict that some members of a German group adjudged to be the most egalitarian African society.

The second was that I wanted to know the people before attempting to either represent them. 

There is so much that the previous administrations have added from Aremo Olusegun Osoba, who can be credited for the most efforts at rural development, to Otunba Gbenga Daniel who truly woke up the sleeping civil service state and commenced the process of making it a giant, to Sen Ibikunle Amosun who arguably is the builder of refocused modernised state capital. There was something unique each of the past governors tried to do, I suppose it is sportsmanly to say the present helmsman, Prince Dapo Abiodun, is doing what he can. 
I believe strongly that so much more can be done, so much more seriousness must be infused into government business. 

We are at an all-time low in terms of morals, how can we be living with the criminality of a nature unheard of before where children kill their mates under some yet to be understood ritual killing, and organ harvesting. What has enveloped our beloved Ogun? Imagine being adjudged the headquarters of yahoo yahoo (advanced fee fraud), to the extent that a colleague of the helmsman tagged him so. We must embark on massive reorientation, reimagining and redefining who we are as a people, perhaps we have failed our youths, perhaps we have left them uninspired, perhaps we have given the impression that everyone can do whatever they like and there will be no consequence. We need a new deal and I will bring it with all your support. 

We joke about pretending to be doing right with education but we are merely leaving on past glory. Whereas, granted we had the Obafemi Awolowo education system, shall we pretend not to know that the number of out of school children in Ogun is too high and increasing? Sober reflections make me know that if the federal government thankfully runs the education support systems that covers children from primary to the first 3 years of secondary school, I believe Ogun must have a free nursery school system to cover the most significant early learning of children. It is a most difficult, for it is time to improve, extend and rewrite what Awolowo inspired us with for now that the world is in the fourth industrial revolution we must reflect the new order and it starts in my opinion from the cradle. 

I have often asked how does the so called efforts in healthcare impact the citizens of Ogun? I truly cannot see it, for we have not taken the bold step to reach everyone in Ogun such that they are covered. Instead, we seem to be interested more in building and procurement aspects that clearly enrich those in charge! With your help, I will insist that a new deal must be put in place where every Ogun person both resident and citizens are tangentially touched and catered for in their health. 

I have not been able to understand what those incharge think they are doing with security. They are extremely lazy in thinking and lackadaisical in implementation. In the new deal, it starts with first commencing a proper identification and authentication of all the residents of Ogun by biometrics to a verifiable address! How can you secure a people you neither know, nor can identify. The advantages are such can be easily understood, I expect that the sureness of being caught makes the motivation for easy to execute crime not so palatable. 

I have been extremely worried by the disorganized planning of new settlements in Ogun. It is most unacceptable that notwithstanding that there is an agency for urban and regional planning, including a well designed master plan, that the present helmsman seems uninterested in implementing and all you see around is the developments of slums all over our state and more disorganized, haphazard buildings are coming up unabated. Shall anyone be surprised when the Lands Ministry is now a cesspool of fraud, thieving and criminality? I hold the view that land is the basis of civilization as such, communal land must be held in sacred trust and must never be allowed to become what it has become under the present circumstances. 

What I need from you my friends, is your support. 
Advocacy is key, we all must give this the push and we must do whatever is within our power. Use your social media status updates to promote our efforts, use your phones to speak to people in Ogun State, help with handbills, help with posters, help with radio media and such things that I will greatly appreciate. Help with your contribution in whatever way. I have wondered why those who come to serve steal so much, I believe that the lack of punishment is the major reason, but a minor one too is that they believe they spent all the money and so maybe they owe no one. I will spend but I do not want to spend alone, I want us to run this together. I want you to truly have the ability to look me straight in the eyes and say, we sent you there to work for us and I promise I will work only for us all and our people. 

Their concept of private partnerships seems to me to be that the state is open to just their friends and capitalists opportunists, where the poor and others are left behind. No, a state must work for all! It must be accessible to all and all must have a clear way of getting things done without the needless burden of man-know-man that suddenly makes broke-ass people say they want to serve only to finish as the proverbial inheritors of king Solomon having stolen us all blind. Help me tell them that if you allow me take charge, a new deal is coming and I am coming with really bold ideas. I am one with you! I need all of us to go on this journey together. Thank you all.

So help me God.

Sincerely Set
Segun Showunmi

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