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Assembly Aspirant, Hon Oluwaseun Adebowale MaticoSF Greet Christians At Easter

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The leading house of assembly aspirant in Obafemi-Owode state constituency in the forthcoming election under All Progressives Congress APC, Hon Oluwaseun Adebowale MaticoSF has congratulated Christians around the world on the ocassion of another Easter  celebration.

Adebowale said that as believers in Christ Jesus, each Good Friday and Easter signifies God’s power over death and other challenges of life. He called on Christians around the world to take the significance of the period very seriously as God would want it in order to consolidate on our faith which is needed for a peaceful and prosperous life on earth.

Adding that “There is no Christianity without the ressurrection”.also, he said that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most important event of the Christian faith, which reminds us that since Jesus rose from the death after three days, then He can help us overcome our circumstances no matter how big they seem to look. He added that God is bigger than every situation and therefore we must look up to him in prayers always. The power of Easter is huge and holds wonders and promise, and it should be a daily reminder  to ourselves and not just a yearly event.

Hon Adebowale pointed out that “As believers, we must live in its consciousness all the time to celebrate the power of love over death.
In this season of renewal, we should rejoice in Christ’s resurrection, drawing strength and inspiration from His example, and remember that in the end, even death itself will be defeated”. 

He reiterated that on this powerful occassion, it was necessary for all to come together and give thanks to the Almighty for the glory of His grace and urged for examplary Christ- like love and peaceful cooexistence with eveeyone around them irrespective or religion or race.

Hon Adebowale said “In these times of crisis and trauma, pestilence and general uncertainties, we must stand strong in our faith, journeying and struggling together in love. 

He called on people of Obafemi-Owode to always pray for their leaders and admonish the leaders to also lead in justice and righteousness. These, he said,  are the things that make God happy to release His mercies and grace upon the nation. He prayed God Almighty to bless Nigeria and all Nigerians.

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