Rt. Honourable Segun Adekoya thwarts the move to rig him of his victory. - AMEBOTV BLOGS



Rt. Honourable Segun Adekoya thwarts the move to rig him of his victory.

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In a swift manner, Rt.  Honourable Segun Adekoya, the Minority Chief Whip in the House of Representatives, has appealed to the good people of his Federal Constituency comprises of Ijebu North Local Government, Ijebu East Local Government and ljebu Waterside Local  Government to please disregard the fake result of the Primary election being touted by a fraction of his Party, the People Democratic Party. 

In his thank you message to the good people of the Constituency, the Rt. Honourable Adekoya said he is absolutely dumbfounded about the length and extent some politicians can go in their desperate effort to claim victory where they have none. He asked rethorically: How can some desperadoes just announced the result of a fictitious and kangaroo election without any copy of official result issued to them by National Electoral Panel detailed to conduct the House of Representatives Primaries in the State? This he described as  an effontery carried too far.

Honourable Adekoya fondly called Attacker by his teeming admirers explained that the purported result was cocooned in a kangaroo election that was completely news to his Party National Working Committee. He trenchantly questioned: When did National Working Committee of our great Party authorise the said election when it had nothing against the authentic election conducted a day before? Was the Abigi Primary election officially declared inconclusive by the National Working Committee?

Attacker in his message of assurance to his people said that the phony and bogus result being flying by these people can not and will not stand the test of time as none of the five member Panel, officially and statutorily, assigned by the Party National Working Committee was present at Imushin illegal venue of the kangaroo event. He.pressed further: Was Baba Fetuga from Ijebu-Ode a member of the official panel from Abuja?

As an addendum to the above, the leading leader and the Minority Chief Whip in the House Representatives categorically demanded from the  mongers and retailers of the counterfeit result to please mention any of the three Local Government Electoral Officers for Ijebu North Local Government, Ijebu East Local Government and Ijebu Waterside Local Government who was at Imushin venue of the hocus-pocus.

He therefore allied the fear of his teeming supporters as he assured them that the authentic result will be announced soon and the certificate will be issued to the winner to that effect. He precisely wrote that by 3rd of June this year PDP Candidate names will be sent to Independent National Electoral Commission and we shall all then know who is fooling who.

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