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As Nigerians await the campaign whistle

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By Segun Showunmi 

Hello September... 

We are taught to apply our minds to time and season for they help us to organize, take stock and plan! 

As we commence the month of September 2022, a month that is significant in more ways than one, especially that proper campaigns will officially commence, I enjoin us all to pay attention to the message. 

It is not enough for candidates to sing and dance and cause surrogates to speak for them. No, this coming election is way too important for all that. What is at stake has profound consequences for us all. 

We must demand answers to the tough questions of nation-building; we must ask for implementable and practical solutions to security; for growth in the economy with emphasis on how the masses will not be left behind. A continuous mouthing of privatization has left me pondering on who will guarantee the wellbeing of the poor majority. 

We must demand clear answers to the issues of national cohesion within a framework of our unusual federalism. We are in dire need of a sustainable vision that all of us can believe in and aspire to build. We must be hopeful of our place in this vision, as I have asked myself times without number: 'Is our democracy working only for the rich and their mostly over-pampered children at the expense of the majority? 

Indeed, many Nigerians are witnesses to my political struggle along the line of what is right in a democracy, an unfolding success story I owe entirely to God almighty for the courage amid baseless and immaterial intimidation. 

Of course, I won't forget to appreciate my supporters and close friends who have been steadfast in this struggle and have never opened a window for us to be stranded as we push ahead. 

I must say that the more I look at our beloved Ogun, the more I appreciate the contributions of past and present leaders. Let me quickly add that I am pleased with the information reaching me on the Ogun Cargo Airport and the focused determination to bring it to life. It fits perfectly into my new deal and vision for our dear state. I have positively envied Akwa-Ibom and can now safely say we are on course!  

Once the campaign starts and the issue-based conversation commences, it would be clear the enviable height we hope to take the Gateway State. 

Our people have expressed their wish for fresh air loudly and I have heard clearly. We are hopeful that the courts will perfect this in due course. 

My candidacy, like many have said, gives all and sundry the hope that better is possible and that democracy is an idea that must, of necessity, give all that subscribe and participate in it a fair and equitable chance of achieving their legitimate dream. 

Welcome to September and let the campaigns begin... 

My name is Segun Showunmi, and I am sincerely set to bring about a new deal for Ogun State.

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