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2023 election: Vote selfless personality to power — Toyin Amuzu to electorates

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The house of representatives candidate of People's Democratic Party, PDP in Abeokuta South, Chief Toyin Amuzu has charged the people of his constituency to vote for selfless people to power in the forthcoming election to gain access to infrastructure development across board. 

He said the people should open their eyes wide and vote only the people who will remember them in government, someone who knows what they need at a particular time. 

Amuzu, who has dug nothing less than 16 borehole system to ease the hardship his people face on a daily basis to get water, he has also maintain his relationship with the artisans through massive empowerment programs whereby he dole out 200 thousands to assist them through loans, 70 groups benefited in the program since 2021 and he has not collected it back from them. 

Also, he promised them to come back to each wards if he is elected to listen to what they need and by Gods grace he is going to make provision for it. 

Meanwhile, he assisted the people of Isabo with the sum of N1,000,000 to install their transformer which has been neglected four months ago due to lack of funds. 

He admonish his people to ensure they pick up their permanent voters card and vote for all candidates of People's Democratic Party, PDP at all levels to get more benefits of governance across board. 

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