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Analysing Reps Deputy Minority Whip, Adekoya's Unprecedented Performances by Landlord of Ago-Iwoye | OPINIONS

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I have been in this town, Ago-Iwoye for over eighty years. I have read a lot about our fathers and mothers who had helped the town in many ways. I have lived and still live with some contemporary politicians at the local, state and national levels.

 In all these, I say with emphasis that *Aremo Adesegun Adekoya (Attacker)* has towered over and above our current and former great politicians in legislative duties, constituency projects actualization, community services and in other myriad of employment of our sons and daughters whose parents Attacker never knew. My proposition here could be contested by anybody but, I would wish a scientific examination be made of any other being dead or alive who carried Ago-Iwoye aloft as he did and as still being done by Adesegun Adekoya. He is Ago-Iwoye personified. He has been bounteously beneficial to Ago-Iwoye.

 Here, I will not go into any lengthy literary exposition of the man, Attacker and his achievements. I will just itemize some of these for us to see and for comparative analysis;

Born 21st March, 1961.
Primary School – Omo Edumare Model School, Ago-Iwoye – 1971 – 1975.
Ago-Iwoye Secondary School – 1975 – 1980.
University of Benin – 1995.
Federal University of Technology, Owerri – 2000.
Worked at Nigerian Bank for Commerce and Industry – 1981 – 1988.
Eko International Bank, Lagos – 1988 – 1995.
Elected Councillor for Ward F2 Somolu, 1996.
Vice Chairman/Supervisory Councilor for Medical, Health, Agric and National Resources, Somolu L/G – 1997 – 1998.
First Executive Chairman, Kosofe L/G Area, Lagos
Personal Assistant to the Minister of State for Finance, 1999 – 2003
Commissioner 1, Ogun State, Local Govt. Service Commission, 2003 – 2007.
Hon. Commissioner for Local Govt. and Chieftaincy Affairs
Hon. Commissioner of Works, 2008 – 2010.
Member House of Representatives – representing Ijebu-North, Ijebu East and Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency, 2015 to date.

Countries visited include – United Kingdom, United State of America, Germany, South Africa, France, China, Ghana, United Arab Emirate, Malaysia, Austria, Italy, Egypt, Senegal etc.
Chieftaincies garnered include Aremo Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye; Aare Opomulero of Lagos; Otunba Alade-Irefe of Ijebu-Ife; Otunba Bobaseye of Ibi-ade; Otunba Tadese of Afon land; Otunba Mayegun of Ilara-Epe; Asiwaju of Ako Community, Ago-Iwoye; Otunba Iwaju-Oba Agaramuda of Iwopin; Otunba Ori-ade of Odo-Jobore; Otunba Gbadero of Ayede, Ikale; Giwa Adinni, Kosofe, Lagos; Otun-Giwa Bobagunte of Akile Ijebu, etc etc.
Deputy Minority Whip, House of Representative, 2019 to date
Uncountable legislative duties in respect of his constituency, and other areas
Uncountable constituency projects spanning his three local governments
Very many community services and 
Several employment/education assistance
Massive road projects concomitantly executed in the three local governments under his Federal Constituency (Ijebu North LG, Ijebu East LG and Ogun Waterside LG)
Solar energy light in all his constituency and the Ago-Iwoye villages.
Construction and asphalting with drains of Attacker Avenue road at Oke-Ebute, Idode.
Construction  of drains and asphalting of  Olopo- merin road Ago Iwoye.
Construction of drains and asphalting of Efunseeke road Igan, Ago- Iwoye.
Construction of drains and asphalting of Fibigbade Street. Ago-Iwoye – on going
 Construction of drains and asphalting of Isamuro road Ago Iwoye.
Construction of drains and surfacing of Wale Osisanya road Ago Iwoye.
Construction of drains and asphalting Oru/Awa/Ilaporu Road.
Construction of Ako- Onigbagbo to Gelete road  with four culverts.
Grading of roads in wards 10 and 11.
Construction of new Abattoir at Igan road, Ago Iwoye.
Channelization of Toruka stream at Isamuro, Ago Iwoye.
Provision of 150 solar electric poles in Ago Iwoye. 
Sinking of motorized borehole at Olopomerin, Ago Iwoye.
Sinking of motorized borehole at Idode, Ago Iwoye
Sinking of motorized borehole at Iganran village, Oru.
Sinking of motorized borehole at Ajegunle village, Awa.
Sinking of motorized borehole Ako village.
Sinking of motorized borehole at Odoye village Ago Iwoye.
Sinking of deep - well at Elekusen village.
Sinking of deep-well at Aredioke village, Awa, Rural electrification at Aredi-isale village Ago Iwoye.
Rural electrification of Eyin Omen/Ako/Farm settlement to Odoye village, Ago Iwoye 
Building of new mosque at Oke-Ako, Ago-Iwoye.
Building of new Methodist Church at Ako- Onigbagbo village .
Completion of Ako- Owode market Ako.
Construction of Ako- Matoole modern hall at Ako, Ago-Iwoye.
Construction of Eri-inaki Ring culvert at Semoore village.
Construction of Etiri box- culvert along Elegun-mesan- Semoore village, Ago Iwoye.
Construction of two bridges on Owon river along Abapanu road, Ago Iwoye.
Building of new modern mosque at Lasan village with sinking of borehole.
Construction of a block of three classrooms with equipment at Tekule village, Awa.
Sponsorship of 50 Jamb students.
Sponsorship of many students in higher institutions.
Training and empowerment of 200 market women in Ifelodun with free distribution of handset phones and wallets.
Training of 100 students in Ifelodun on computer with free distribution of computer laptops.
Training of 100 people in Ifelodun on tie and dye and cosmetology.
Training and empowerment on snail farming.
Provision of New Grader
Provision of new Tractor to help the farmers.
Training and empowerment on fisheries.
What a worthy representative?


A lot of our sons and daughters are in the administrative set-up of various establishments and they have risen to the highest cadre of their professions. One such eminent son is *Omotunde Oluite Adekoya,* who was born into the prominent Griffin Adekoya family, the first Ayandelu of Odosinusi, Ago-Iwoye, and one of the first set of pupils at the Wesleyan School that started in 1893. 
Without embellishment and padding, Tunde is a man who had traversed all segments of administrative set-up in the University system up to the Registrar’s post of a unique University – Crawford University, Igbesa. He had risen to the Deputy Registrar’s position at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago-Iwoye before being called upon to lend his administrative experiences to Crawford University. His degrees at the Olabisi Onabanjo University and the University of Ibadan aided his administrative rise in his profession. As then Senior Assistant Registrar at the Directorate of Students’ Affairs, he was most popular with students and staffers of Olabisi Onabanjo University. Mr. Adekoya was saddled with such responsibilities of identification, negotiation, and maintenance of habitable houses for students of the University especially when he became the Students’ Affairs Officer and he was known with the sobriquet of SAO, SAO all the place.

For a period of five years, Mr. Adekoya, while serving as the Registrar of Crawford University, put to use all he had garnered at OOU and TASUED, Ijagun. The five years were Adekoya’s hallmark of administrative experiences in a position of trust, a position of competence, a position of uprightness, imaginative thought, doggedness and a position of responsibility, respectability and responsiveness. He represented Crawford University at all occasions and formulated policies that were beneficial to the University.

Mr. Adekoya is a respected member of Nigerian Institute of Management, Chattered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria, Association of Nigeria Universities Professional Administrators and Association of University Administrators (UK).

Coming back home at the community level, Mr. Adekoya has been useful to Ago-Iwoye in various ways, some of which are;
Secretary, Ago-Iwoye Council for Political Awareness
Assistant Secretary, Ago-Iwoye Day Celebrations Committee and later the Substantive Secretary of the Day Celebrations under yours sincerely as Chairman
Auditor, Ago-Iwoye Central Development Council
Secretary, Electoral Committee of ACDC
Member of Oba Adewale Coronation Committee and Oba Adesina Adenuga Committee alongside yours sincerely as member.

For these, we see that Tunde Adekoya, who is spotted as an illustrious son had not misfired. He had helped the town considerably especially in the uncountable admission quests and staff inclusion of sons and daughters of Ago-Iwoye. For being serviceable, Tunde had won both the Community Service and Distinguished Service Awards of the ACDC.

Though a strong and staunch Muslim, **Oluomo Giwa Femi Bakre* is Yoruba culture personified. He is a true Yoruba imbued with the Yoruba concept of the good person – Omoluwabi. He rallies his age group for community services. He knows the rudiments of those things that promote Yorubaness. His father was well – known not only in Islamic congresses but in Ago-Iwoye generally. Though Baba was the Noibi of the Ago-Iwoye Muslims, he also ranked a good carrier of humanness and humanity.

Femi propels himself through hardwork to the pinnacle of his profession and headship of his age mates in Ago-Iwoye. He definitely is the moving spirit of Egbe Gbobaniyi – the group mostly noted for dignifying the Ebumawe dynasty. 

As he was attending the primary school so also concomitantly he attended the Quranic school and finished reciting the Holy Quran. This strong religious base was instrumental in the life of Femi to the extent that he is a pious being and respecter of all known norms of the society. At work and in all places where Giwa was engaged, his personal life of moderation guided him and he readily co-operated with colleagues, both high and low. 

His home-front bears testimonies of a perfect and a harmonious combination with his age-mate wife, Funke. His offspring, Tobi of the BBNaija fame, is a known personality throughout the globe. Tobi Bakre is a worthy youth role model.
After finishing his primary school at Imere Moslem School in 1976, Giwa moved to Ago-Iwoye Secondary School where he passed his WAEC with distinctions. 

For his HSC, he was at the School of Basic Studies, Ijebu-Ode before he was admitted to the University of Lagos where he did his B.Sc and Master’s degrees in Banking and Finance in 1987 and 1998 respectively.
Femi Bakre worked in many Banks and topped it all when he was appointed as an Executive Director, First City Monument Bank. A member of very many professional associations, Femi’s contributions to his immediate community are legendary. 

To him, the down-trodden needed to be helped to better  their welfare in the community. He had donated generously to the upliftment of Ago-Iwoye and wherever he was invited to. Tmhis philanthropic gestures have earned him numerous Chieftaincies among which are Olu-Omo of Ago-Iwoye, Giwa Adinni of Ogudu and Baba Egbe Tobalase of Ago-Iwoye.

The Gbobaniyi age-grade and indeed Giwa Femi Bakre are always cynosures of all eyes at the yearly Ojude-Oba of Ago-Iwoye. His positive contributions to present day Ago-Iwoye and its development are laudable.


Another mover and shaker in the annals of Ago-Iwoye history and development is the cheerful and most kindhearted *Prince Oluseye David Awojobi.* 
Through hardwork and tenacity of purpose, Prince Awojobi, of the legendary Alemunile Opitipata, got to the pinnacle of his banking profession. 

He is a brilliant soul, pleasant personage, resourceful mind and a man of diligence imbued with kindness and accomplishments. This Igan-Osule and Ibipe personality was born on 10th of December, 1962 and schooled steadily in Ijebu-Ode, Sagamu and Olabisi Onabanjo University, where he made a strong 2nd Class Upper Division. He is an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria since 1990. 

Besides, he is a holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from his home University, Olabisi Onabanjo University. By 2008, he had become a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. Awojobi had a chequered history in Banking. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School Executive Education, and has garnered international exposures in the management of professional Banking Institutes from UK, USA, Scotland, Finland, Germany among others.
Born into Methodism, Seye served as the Senior Circuit Steward of Methodist Church, Ketu, and at a time Treasurer II Methodist Church Nigeria Trinity Church Council, Tinubu, Lagos where he put his professional expertise to use in the service of God’s work.

In all these, Seye Awojobi remained quiet in the service of Ago-Iwoye until the Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye pulled him into limelight for the services of the town. 

It was exactly when the Ago-Iwoye Central Development Council was having some problems that the Alayeluwa called him to help stem the wobbling and unsteadiness of the Council. It was with like-minds as Prof. Lekan Arikewuyo, Dr. (Mrs) Joke Sheyin and others that the administrative skills of Awojobi showed glaringly and within a short time and with meritorious capacity, the ACDC came back on its footing. Besides, he was the Chairman of Ago-Iwoye Economic Summit that organized the first ever Ago-Iwoye Economic Summit to the admiration of all. Within the Egbe Gbobaniyi, Prince Awojobi is the Sanmori Egbe and also he belongs to the impressionable Heritage Brothers Club of Ago-Iwoye – an association that had put smiles on the faces of the people by the provision of laudable projects in town. Awojobi is a recipient of DSA Distinguished Service Award of Ago-Iwoye – the highest honour and award the generality of Ago-Iwoye people could bestow on anyone.


In the history of Ago-Iwoye Central Development Council (ACDC) that has spanned 40 years, *Princess Adenike Tolofari* was the first woman to contest for the post of chairman and she was the first woman to win the election that brought her to this post. It was a titanic election. She ranks as an Amazon, highly forthright, industrious, candid, loving, lovable, charismatic and an energetic personality. Tolofari proved book – makers wrong by defeating his male contestants and also worked tirelessly to uplift the ACDC.

Tolofari, a royal-blooded and outstanding personage, is from the A-dan-bi-ide Royal Dynasty of the Ebumawe Kingdom. Her parents, who were well educated were enigmatic personalities before departure. Mama Nurse, the mother, lived long before she joined her husband who left mother Earth at an early age.

 Even before the ACDC Chairmanship tussle, Adenike, rugged and stainless personality had served the council in many respect. Her primary school education was at Agbeni Methodist School, Ibadan while she attended Remo Secondary School, Sagamu for the secondary education. She later attended the Ibadan Polytechnic, Ibadan. Her work career spanned a number of years and with various private and government establishments inclusive of the Ogun State University, now Olabisi Onabanjo University, where she was personal secretary to the then Vice-Chancellor.

Mrs. Tolofari was brought up a Methodist and she proved her religious zeal. She is the Iya Egbe, Imere Methodist Cathedral, Synod delegate on many occasions, Life Matron of Wesley Guild, Imere Cathedral and Patroness, Ijebu Diocese of the Methodist Church. She is the Co-Founder and President of Tender Hearts Club, Ago-Iwoye and Matron of Moonlight Sisters, Ago-Iwoye. Adenike is a recipient of a number of Awards and Distinctions.

There is no doubt, Princess Tolofari has stamped her feet indelibly in the annals of Ago-Iwoye history and development being kind-hearted, progressive and a woman of honour and of stainless disposition. She left the ACDC podium when the ovation was loudest.


They had tried and had failed starting from the earliest times to the present generation. *Alhaji Tele Ogunjobi* came like the thunder bolt and scored a first as the first Ago-Iwoye indigene to be democratically elected the Chairman, Ijebu-North Local Government (INLG), 2008 – 2009. Hitherto, what had come Ago-Iwoye way was the Vice-Chairman as were the cases of Olukayode Sogbesan 1997 – 1998, Gbenga Nuberu 1999 – 2002, Adesegun Kazeem 1996 – 1997, Barrister Titi Banjoko 2004 – 2006. Even after Tele Ogunjobi had blazed the trail, we had also unsuccessfully got the chairmanship position through democratic processes. 

If any Ago-Iwoye son or daughter was Chairman of Ijebu-North Local Government, such person had gotten the post through appointments. Such cases included those of Chief Adedoyin Ogungbe 1987 – 1989, Sir Olugbemi Ogungbe 1994 – 1996 and presently, Sola Jayeola 2020 to date. 

Therefore it was and still not a mean feat for Alhaji Tele Ogunjobi the Waziri to be so elected through his personal integrity, love of the people and through the confidence the people reposed in him.
Tele Ogunjobi is from the legendary Meleki Dynasty – the man who led the Iwoye Orile forces to the present Ago-Iwoye in 1831 on Imososi land. His B.Sc (Hons) in Accounting is from the Olabisi Onabanjo University in 1992 and later got his M.Sc in Corporate Governance at Leeds Metropolitan University, United Kingdom and also attended Corporate Finance programme at London Business School, (LSB) U.K. He obtained the professional qualification of Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) in 1995 – apart from qualifying as Associate Certified Pension Institute in 2005. Tele is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Taxation and Fellow Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria.
During his short stay as Chairman INLG, his administration embarked on rural electrification projects, provision of electric transformers, construction and rehabilitation of township roads, distribution of classroom desks and benches, motor-parks and market stalls.

Alhaji Tele Ogunjobi’s worth is to be found in the numerous Ago-Iwoye sons and daughters he helped into the Local Government when he was Chairman and the uncountable lot he took along to Abuja when he was the Special Assistant to the Honourable Minister of Commerce and Industry and on his appointment as Commissioner (Finance and Planning, Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission). These sons and daughters are today also helping others to mount the social and economic ladder. Ogunjobi is a believer in hard-work and perseverance. He believes in Ago-Iwoye and has never lost touch of his roots. He is one, who should be prayed for to remain constant on Ago-Iwoye radar and Jagunmolu age group where he assumed the Asiwaju post.


If you talk of a young man, who got very good education and rose to apply himself for the betterment of his immediate community, you are speaking of no other person than *Otunba Olusesan Rufai.* Born of good parentage and whose father has been the Mefu of Igan since 1979, Sesan, Managing Director of Limelite Hotels Limited, Goldmyne Entertainment Limited and Limelite Entertainment Limited, studied Accounting at the Ogun State University, now Olabisi Onabanjo University and obtained a second degree at the University of Lagos.
Very early in his life, this Prince from Okoko-dana-meji Ruling House, understood that music and entertainment are two things that could propel the society and move development forward. Both are the food of the soul and once the soul is enlivened, happiness and joy would attend the society.

Not long as an Accounts Officer at Raypower Fm, Rufai joined AIT at the marketing department.

 He soon found joy in television marketing. Otunba Rufai was professionally aggressive, he moved to Silverbird Television after he had worked at Superscreen Tv. As someone with good ideas, Rufai took the bold steps of registering his Goldmyne Entertainment Ltd and Limelite Limited.

 To him any society that abhors entertainment loses a lot in terms of youth development and revenue. Through hard work, Sesan overcome the teething problems always associated with private enterprises. He is today a big player in entertainment and hospitality businesses to the extent that Ago-Iwoye and indeed the youth are the harvesters of Prince Sesan Rufai’s initiatives. He puts smiles in otherwise gloomy faces as he is playing big in the industry.

Otunba Sesan Rufai is known to have also contributed substantially to the annual celebration or jamboree called Ago-Iwoye Day Celebrations and he is an awardee of the ACDC.


Next on our radar is one man who has carriage, thoughtfulness, dignity, dashing personality and a most genial nature, *Prince Adeyinka Olugbenga Sipe,* whose educationist mother is from the legendary Adetowubo family and whose father Pa David Olufemi Oropo Sipe – a proud product of Wesley College, Ibadan with College number 431 and who made waves at the institution with the great Tai Solarin and Pa Olufeisan, Mogaji Yinka Sipe is of the O-kole-o-mu-rajo Ruling House of the Ebumawe Dynasty. He was born with the silver spoon in the mouth on December 15, 1955. 

His educational career were at Imososi Wesley School for the Primary School level, Isonyin Grammar School and Ago-Iwoye Secondary School for his West African School Certificate in 1976. His University education was at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye where he read B.Sc Banking and Finance. 
Yinka joined the services of Nigerian External Telecommunication Limited which later merged with P&T to become NITEL and trained as a Telegraphist/Marine Operator. He later moved to the banking sector and joined Lion Bank Ltd Lagos and later at EIB International Bank that later merged with Skye Bank and rose to become Regional Director of Operations for Northern Branches in 2009 and retired honorably.

Apart from belonging to numerous organizations, Yinka’s uncommon gestures are in the area of community mobilization and development. Here, he showed that whatever you are and wherever you are, your immediate community must be able to feel your help and compassion. At the ACDC – the umbrella organization that envelopes all social organizations in Ago-Iwoye, Yinka Sipe, diligently served in many capacities. He is always a known and constant face at the Ebumawe Palace and perhaps one of the moving spirits of the O-kole-o-mu-rajo Ruling House. He belongs to a number of social clubs, associations and religious organizations viz Ago-Iwoye Constant Club, One Love Family of Nigeria, the Methodist conglomerate etc. He was in Rome and Jerusalem to perform the Holy Pilgrimage. Yinka’s heart is Ago-Iwoye, and Ago-Iwoye is Yinka’s heart.


The uniqueness of our unassuming Officer of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) are to be found in his belief that once you get up, you must raise some other people from the quagmire. Today, lots of our sons and daughters are in Civil Defence courtesy of Eta Giwa of Egbe Gbobaniyi, *Alhaji Kufuli Sesan Rasak,* who rose to the high position as a result of hard-work, tenacity, belief in God and humanity.
Rasak, of Baruwala lineage, was a product of Omo Edumare Model School, Moslem Secondary Modern School, Methodist Teachers’ College, Sagamu, the General Certificate of Education, the University of Lagos, and the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN). He also got a Masters degree of the University of Abuja. Rasak belongs to a number of professional associations, patron to a number of clubs and associations and a recipient of a number of awards. He ranks as one of the contemporary people in Ago-Iwoye who puts smiles in the face of the people. A lot of our men and women would soon be at the top of NSCDC.


Saf Petroleum, is a known organization all over Nigeria and its Chief Executive Officer is *Aare Chief (Dr) Safiriyu Adebanjo Kazeem.* He started from the scratch and with hard work and the blessings of God, Aare (Dr) Kazeem is a name to reckon with not only in Ago-Iwoye but in Nigeria. He also puts smiles on the faces of countless people not only in employment cadre but in philanthropic gestures.


Young *Mobolaji Olumide Kuye -*  a University graduate and MBA holder is making waves in town by touching the lives of several people and through various empowerment programmes and philanthropic gestures to the needy especially the widows and the less privileged people. He is slowly entering his great father’s Senator (Dr) Jubril Martins Kuye’s shoes.

 *Dr. Mustapha Olalekan Rufai -* a dutiful and industrious Mass Communication lecturer also stands out in the help he is daily rendering Ago-Iwoye students at the Olabisi Onabanjo University. His passion for service is unquantifiable.

We cannot but recognize activities of this diligent and seasoned Quantity Surveyor, *Alhaji Liadi Olusanya Yusuf* – from our great Pa Rasidi Agbede lineage. He is a silent achiever and philanthropist whose help in the annals of the history and development of Ago-Iwoye cannot be wished away. Some of his businesses are in town.

We cannot also but recognize our highly disciplined officer, who is imbued with a sense of purpose. We here talk of *Prince Ajibola Yekeen Odusanya -* a well educated offspring of the late daddy R. Odus. This great Customs Officer has been beneficial to sons and daughters of Ago-Iwoye. He is a respectful and responsible person who never forgets his roots.

 *Giwa Ayodele Bush* *Ademosu* - is also counted worthy as another on our radar in Ago-Iwoye. He is from the ever-green and notable Pa Buari Ademosu Lineage – a never to be forgotten mover and actualiser of the creation of Imososi Quarter. Bush Ademosu, a Chartered Accountant, a well-traveled person is the Giwa, Egbe Arobayo of Ago-Iwoye. He ranks as the first Chairman of Ifelodun Local Government under Governor Amosu’s dispensation. He is no doubt contributing to the development of his community through many means.

 *Engineer Prince Gbenro* *Dawud* *Osinubosi* - a devoted Muslim and philanthropist, a prominent member of Cupid Club of Nigeria, is an engineer with excellence and eminence, well-read and copiously dutiful. Osinubosi has helped a lot in alleviating the suffering of the less privileged.

 *Chief (Mrs) Funke Bakre -* from the great Baale Mabinu-ori Royal Dynasy, Ago-Iwoye, is married to the one and only Olu-Omo of Ago-Iwoye, Femi Bakre. Both belong to the Gbobaniyi age-grade. Her father, Pa Tirimisiyu Olufodun is a son to the great late Alhaji Salami Olufodun – Agbaje. Funke made second class upper division at the University of Lagos in Business Administration. 

Mrs. Bakre is a role model to many people in Ago-Iwoye as she participates actively and contributes tremendously to a lot of activities – like husband, like wife and like son, Tobi you would say. She is Yeye Olu-Omo of Ago-Iwoye as well as Yeye Asiwaju, Egbe Gbobaniyi of Ago-Iwoye.

A most brilliant academician and distinguished personality is *Dr. (Mrs) Adejoke* *Sheyin* whose community services are note-worthy. She proudly projects the image of womanhood in unblemished form. Her contributions to stem the tide of the ACDC with Prince Awojobi are excellent.

 *Otunba Kola Onakoya,* a product of the University of Ibadan and Ambrose Ali University and Giwa Jagunmolu was at the head of the age-group that erected the first Archs on Ibipe Road, Ago-Iwoye.

A prominent Giwa, male and female of Arobayo is this notable Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Casu Aurina International Ltd, Chairman High Com Security Ltd and Chairman Townend Suites Ltd, Ago-Iwoye, *Alhaji Morufu Adebayo* *Adesegun* . He is an outstanding philanthropist in religious, social and economic spheres. His hospitality initiative thrives a lot.

 *Prince Adegboyega* *Adedapo Banjoko* made his own marks in community services especially as the Chairman of the ACDC. 

Conclusively, I want to thank Mr. Yomi Ogunsanu for giving me this unique opportunity to speak to you today. I am sure the palace is taking note of the activities of this young man Yomi Ogunsanu in positively projecting the image of Ago-Iwoye in the last twenty-five years. I pray God spares his life to celebrate the golden jubilee of this magazine.

 There are some other very important players in Ago-Iwoye history and development but this essay is hampered by its topic. The Wande Ademosus, the Adekogbes and many more merit our searchlight.

Thank you one, thank you all.

I am Professor Sir Otunba Olusolape Adefesobi Adebajo – Ph,D, KJW, DSA and Oso-Olu III of Imososi, Ago-Iwoye, usually referred to as the Landlord of Ago-Iwoye.

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