Why Ago-Iwoye Patriots endorsed Honourable Segun Adekoya for his third term in the Green Chamber — The Patriots - AMEBOTV BLOGS



Why Ago-Iwoye Patriots endorsed Honourable Segun Adekoya for his third term in the Green Chamber — The Patriots

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Why Ago-Iwoye Patriots endorsed Honourable Segun Adekoya for his third term in the Green Chamber.

The English are very right, there can not be smoke without fire; in the same vein, the endorsement of Honourable Segun Adekoya for his third term in the House of Representatives by the Patriots is not without its reasons.

“Ago- Iwoye Patriots“ is a group of Iwoye born professionals from all walks of life who honestly believe government transcends any parochial sentiment that good governance is a function of good representation; thus, dead set and hell bent on not just having their astutest hand in the Green Chamber but also their purest heart.

For the purpose of clarity and avoidance of ambiguity we wish to plainly express before  every Tom, Dick and Harry today the rationales behind our  ardent and patriotic endorsement of Rt. Honourable Segun Adekoya. Why does Attacker remain our best bet?

- Leverage of Coverage.

Rt. Honourable Adekoya stands head and shoulders taller than anyone in the race, his wealth of coverage is simply nonpareil. Some called him Attacker because of his valour, some called him Thuraya because of his unfettered coverage; today, we all call him Star Boy because of his political trajectory and his exceptional achievements.

Here is a man that was once a Councillor in Shomolu Local Government, a Vice Chairman in the same Council and the first Executive Chairman of Ketu-Kosofe Local Government; all in Lagos State.

The Patriots in their collective wisdom then concluded, if we must continue to enjoy the cooperation of Lagos State in all our quests for development in the National Assembly, our best bet remains Rt. Honourable Segun Adekoya; the old interstate fox. 

Sure, a Representative’s home is not enough for him that wants an itch-free representation in the National Assembly but who among our candidates can brag the clout and coverage? A one time Personal Assistant to the Minister of State for Finance; two term Commissioner in the State; now Deputy Miniority Chief Whip in the Green Chamber. Shoe gets size!!!

Certainly a powerful leverage beyond the reach of the green horns and political neophytes. Coverage is the anchor that holds any Representative to  delivery; it is called know who and Attacker stands out.

- Honourable Adekoya is an accredited worker.

Honourable Segun Adekoya is an accredited worker, both his fans and foes have acknowledged his certified performance. While his fans called him  Mr Project, his foes simply addressed him as a miracle worker.

In the beginning they cried: Attacker can not but when Thuraya began to roll out projects like gyne laying eggs their music changed; then they cried: Attacker can not execute and when proposals began to leave intent to commission; they asked in shame: is he spending his money? Detractors’ hierarchy of fraustration!!!

But the Patriots have helped them to complete their disjointed declaration and in the antithesis thereby decorated Rt. Honourable Segun  Adekoya with their endorsement. 

The chauvinists asked in ignominy, is he using his money… and ask us to fill the gap. Trust the patriots to do the needful: is he using his money to fund all these monumental projects?

…All these monumental projects are the essence of any Representative; Attacker has not only proved he knows what, he equally knows who and how. Is he doing them with his money can only be the sermon of the subjugated, the catechism of the vanquished, the dirge of the discomfited; even Jesus Christ said,“ I do not do anything in my name but all things in the name of my father that sent me“.

Aremo has built us schools, he has tarred us roads and provided street lights; Attacker has given us Stadium and built us hospital; he has trained us and sent us on courses in far away Dubai; he has provided water and given us jobs; these are essence of Government and the reasons for our endorsement.

If the dead endorsed, sure all our past heroes will equally endorse Rt. Honourable Segun Adekoya for his undaunted loyalty to their common ideology. No doubt Sir Solomon Osinmi Adesegun and Aare Jubril Martins Kuye will be smiling in their graves now for these  wonderful achievements of Honourable Segun Adekoya and the Patriots zeal for continuous development. 

Today we walk tall, shoulders high and chests out knowing fully well that God is always on the side of the grateful; we cheerfully thank him for lifting us this high; we honestly promise not to let him down in every front. Love begets love, performance, performance.

Attacker for third term…way to go;

Attacker for third term…the only way to go.

The Patriots p


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