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An Average resident  of Ogun East who lives within our federal constituency will attest boldly to the perceived Pando odour of love, recommendation, endorsement that pervade the political space that is  gathering mementum  towards 25TH FEBRUARY hopeful re-election of the action packful Mr projects - RT. HON. ADEKOYA ADESEGUN ABDEL-MAJID whose ingenuity in redesigning the calling to making laws at Upper Chambers to a more robust service to the people through a modicum of projects that are beneficial and touch the common public needs, no wonder the propagandists in their docile article marketed the various unprecedented projects of Rt Hon Adekoya Adesegun (Attacker), who then won't want such continuity, I dare ask!

The pride of Ijebus and Aremo Ebumawe of Ago-Iwoye did not rest on his oars of performance not to canvass for votes, which he is doing with ease presently among different groups, communities, pressure groups down to the electoral polling Booths with his ever mobile politically savy grassroots young team who always take delight in solidifying the campaigh with pomp and pagentry.

This sterling performance of Rt. Hon. Attacker did not take its route from the second tenure, as a good number of his legacy projects were also implemented in the first tenure (2015- 2019).

In his fairness thoughts as opposed to the propagandists, as an apostle of equity and fair distribution, he has carefully taken to the practical definition of politics as opined by Canadian- American political thinker - David Easton who sees politics as "authoritave allocation of resources", which is succinctly corroborates  by Harold Lasswell's description of political science "as the study of who gets what,when and how".

This reality could be said to have taken its toll on the political behaviors of the grassroots being visited in the ongoing campaigh for his reelection bid as the reactions of some of the visited rural communities with high electoral values even from his own Local Government like Osun Wards openly declared to increase their voters commitment which binds a new social contract (adehun) that Rt. Hon. Adekoya made as a commitment to fulfil their (communities) top written requests by the village heads, youth wings and women group ranging from good roads, maternity centre, network, boreholes etc.

While the higly favored towns with projects like the 5 towns in  Ijebu-Igbo are also warming up to increase their voting patterns in all their 158 polling BOOTHS as their still bersking in the better life that those completed project's had brought with a nearest hopes of completing the on-going ones in Atikori, Oke-Agbo, Oke-Sopin. Of course the home boy will forever smile home with the 86 polling booths in Ago-Iwoye.

His one week long stay in Ijebu-East camapigh tour 3 weeks ago has attracted another invitation back to Ijebu-East this week to canvass Gbamugbamu, Ajebandele-Ijebu, Olorunpodo, Oloke-Alli, Ajelanwa, Orisunbare, Igbodu, J4-Inside etc villagers who are also ready to double their voting strength for more distribution of political gains and values .

On the bigger picture, the on-going Imushin-Ajina Shopping Mall in Ita Nla, Ijebu-Imushin would be an ediffice to behold likewise the Jetty at Iwopin and another one at Oni, Ogun Waterside at completion, unfortunately the propagandists are not aware of the existence of all these.

At this juncture, we should learn to call a spade a spade and not just a working tool, political reward can not be served alacarte rather the imputs are the votes which will determine the output of who gets what,when and how.

During his first ballot under same party PDP, Hon Attacker showed his gratitude with empowerment programmes and project to iIjebu-Igbo when he won with 7,500; won with 277 in Ogun Waterside, but lost in Ijebu-East.. At the current second ballot, he won with 1,896 in Ogun Waterside and lost again in Ijebu-East which could have made some politicians to loose hope in Ijebu-East rather he ensure projects are sited in each 11 electroral wards in Ijebu-East among which are; Block of Classrooms in Moslem Primary School 1, Isapodo, Community Comprehensive High School, Isapodo, Ijebu-Ife, St' Brendan's High School, Ogbere, LG Pry School, Ajede, Moborode, Ogbere, Moslem Pry School, Ikija and the School Assembly Hall, Itele High School, Itele-Ijebu. Comprehensive Reconstruction of the Ilodo, Community Hall, Ilodo, Ijebu-Mushin, Modern Town Hall at Fotedo Imobi etc.

No wonder the plethora of projects dishing out to Ijebu-East and Ogun Waterside keep increasing the intensity of voters readiness in these two LG to reward him with increased votes in each of their 154 and 126 polling Booths respectively ..

The man is our pride in Ijebu-Igbo, Ijebu-East and Ogun Waterside, he is apparently not only useful for the children of the school going age, youths who has benefitted from his scholarships and trainings, women who were trained in divergent vocations and empowered,  but also old ones who are gaining from his envelope gift to the aged.

Conclusively, it is pertinent to establish the fact that CONSTITUENCY projects or Zonal Intervention are not automatic gifts from the National Assembly or Appropriation takes an agile, forward looking, people orineted lawmaker like Attacker to seek to curry these public interventions to benefit his CONSTITUENTS via his town hall meetings and pre- project design stage consultation with stakeholders ..

As a matter of commitment and because of the sound awareness that contest for projects, ATTACKER has brought to the good people of Ijebu-North/Ijebu-East/Ogun Waterside Federal Constituency unmatched projects in the anals of our historical representation. we make bold to reveal that 2023 budget had received substantial imputs which has been collated from the community leaders/ gatekeepers, opinion leaders and others stakeholders ,therefore, we strongly commend our people for being alert to their rights and privileges, shunning the naysayers who thought of remarketing our own Attacker but succeeded in selling Attacker to an already alerted electorates.


Oju ti la, Hired PROPAGANDISTS, your propaganda has backfired. Ago-Iwoye and Ijebu-Igbo will pay you back with an unprecedented Higher votes for ATTACKER as compensation for your outburst. People are wiser. Ijebu-North/Ijebu-East/Ogun Waterside Federal Constituents know their true friends and genuine lovers. *E ye se'ju s'ero, ero mo'bi ti won nlo.*

Independent Campaign Group

Ijebu North/Ijebu East/Ogun Waterside

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